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Selling my visual kei/j-rock collection + extras

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I am selling part of my visual kei/j-rock collection and some other Japan related stuff. Would like to sell it all together if possible. Shipping from UK.

Later will post the other part of the collection which would be shipped from Latvia.original.jpg



-Horizont [Limited CD+Dvd] 
-Rojiura boku to kime e

-Freesia (Regular edition)
-Best of Mucc, Sigma (EU)
-Shangri LA CD+DVD, Gan-Shin (EU)
-Halo (CD+DVD) [Limited CD] AICL-2581

-Gokusai, Gan-Shin (EU)
-kuchiki no tou, Gan-Shin
-Zekuu, Gan-shin (EU)
-Aishu (without jigsaw puzzle)

-Houyoku, Gan-Shin (EU) promo CD

-Dir end grey - tour 2008 the rose of times again, Gan-Shin (EU) promo CD (SOLD)

-Dir end grey - a knot of, Gan-Shin (EU) promo DVD (SOLD)

-D'espairsRay - coll:set, Gan-Shin (EU) promo CD
-Gackt - Diabolos, Ganshin (EU) CD + booklet


-Versailles - Noble, Maru music (NA) (SOLD)
-vanliotto - Solitude/mistake


-RU:natic - Michibikare. . . Chi Tadareta Jintai
-Fushitsusha - Allegorical Misunderstanding
-Rentrer En Soi - The bottom of chaos, Gan-Shin (EU) CD

-Babylon - GLAMOROUS 9 call

-DELUHI - Yggdalive

-Myth - Relate

-Jewel Baby Stars - JULIETTE DVD


-Nightmare - Gianism - Nightmare no Kuse ni Namaikidazo sheet music
-Kannivalism/Nu age.+2 sheet music

Naruto series 4:1 DVD 79-91
Hellsing ultimate DVD
Death note black edition manga




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I'm from France, not interested in all of your stuff but would like to pick some few things. Like coll:set and bottom of chaos ; maybe some mucc.
But man, actually all that stuff for that price is so worth it in my opionion.

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If in future you should change your mind and decide you'd like to split the collection, please contact me about:



-Versailles - Noble, Maru music (NA)


I may be interested to buy them.

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