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Leetspeak monsters new album "Monster’s Theater" release

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Leetspeak monsters new album "Monster’s Theater" will be released at 2018/07/11 (2 types)


ゴシック盤 (Gothic-ban) (3400yen) will include CD (14 songs) and DVD including "Wonderland" PV and offshot

ファンタジー盤 (Fantasy-ban) (3100yen) will include CD (14 songs) only


[ゴシック盤 (Gothic-ban) tracklist]


2.Welcome to Grave Town

3.Cheeky devil

4.mind control


6.Black Cat(Midnight Cat Remix)


8.The wizard said laughing

9.What do you want?

10.Oh, Eliza

11.Crimson Sky


13.Turn off the radio!

14.The world is unfair


[ファンタジー盤 (Fantasy-ban) tracklist]

1.Dawn song(新曲)

2.Night at the museum

3.Sweet Nightmare

4.Black Cat

5.Dance Dance

6.Dead man’s Love

7.Witch’s House

8.Eat the moon

9.Devour weak self

10.Ghost behind you

11.Good night, moon light

12.Love in the Dark

13.Red-nosed Pierrot

14.Here the march of the ghost







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