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X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus new single, "HELIX" release

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The guys announced a new maxi single named "HELIX" to be released on June 8th 2018, both physically and digitally. It'll contain 4 songs and you can listen to teasers of all tracks here:


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they came up with that name when Charlie, their 'leader' wanted to create a name that is christmas related because he loves christmas (and alcohol.) thats all behind that name haha

since they don't really have a label they're paying the production themselves, guess they can't afford an expensive studio, sadly. 

As far as I know they even recorded and mixed it themselves with the help from a staff member in the studio they have their rehearsals in. 


but they improved so much since their last release, can't wait for their EU tour!


Oh by the way, their vocal and bassist is ex UnsraW/DOAK Yuukis current support bassist, for those who didn't know.


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19 hours ago, saishuu said:

lol I thought X had made an alcoholic beverage and were selling a single to promote it.

The hell is that band name?

I remember someone who made a similiar comment on the band's name when I was posting here about XMAS' tour 2016. Something like "What kind of weird stuff is Yoshiki doing now?!" Apparently confusing band names are the best! ;) 

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