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[Lyrics] グリモア (Grimoire) - ウラノメトリア (Uranometoria) [English Trans.]

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I translated the lyrics into English from Jez's Portuguese translation. She had the patience to read and transcribe the awful scribbles in the lyric booklet, so huge kudos to her.


Requested by @ItsPunky




I take the fragments

of a broken morning star


If you turn on the lights

in the deep, bottom of the sea


You will see the universe


After  a thousand light years,

you had already become a stranger

not even millions of lumens* can

light up this place


I can still see


"How cute is our neighbour, the little princess

tidying herself up to hide the tears,

let's give her flowers"


I started to stud 

the voice of a star that did not appear

with bursting bubbles

we lost each other completely



but from start to eternity
everything was already decided
I'm sorry
for these fake intentions
but I cannot let go

"If I were there...."

In this pointless waiting time in which

the wind and the waves were restless

we stopped, held hands

and counted the stars


I encrusted the sky

with several dreams

and like bursting bubbles, they disappeared


In a miniature garden

a mermaid that couldn't fly drowned


If in the next time, I'm not


even if you or everything I have known has disappeared

a broken shooting star will fly


and some day


we will meet here again


* In the lyrics it says LUX which is a unit to measure the intensity of light. Read here.









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