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[Lyrics] まみれた (Mamireta) - 死因:わからん (Shiin: Wakaran) [English/Romaji/Kanji]

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Here's another Mamireta translation, this time for 死因:わからん (Shiin: Wakaran).


I managed to get my hands on the kanji for 死因:暮らし and 死因:無視  too courtesy of ZERO so expect translations for those.

The kanji for 食べたい (Tabetai) was on Jpopasia so I'll do that at some point as well since there was a request for it in the Ojamashimasu thread.


As before, any suggestions or feedback welcome.

And what did you think of this song?









僕は何かに殺された [x4]


亀甲縛りの兎の殺害 [x8]







妄想屈辱兎の殺害 [x8]


這いつくばっていた [x12]






Boku wa nani ka ni korosareta [x4]


Kikkou shibari no usagi no satsugai [x8]


Boku wa nani ka ni korosareta

Boku wa nani ka ni korosareta

Boku wa nani ka ni korosareta

Boku wa nani ka ni taberareta


Mousou kutsujoku usagi no satsugai [x8]


Haitsukubatteita [x12]






I was killed by something [x4]


The killing of a rabbit in bondage [x8]


I was killed by something

I was killed by something

I was killed by something

I was eaten by something


The killing of a rabbit humiliated by delusions [x8]


It was down on its hands and knees [x12]



Note: As is always the case in Japanese, you rarely ever know who the subject is, you have to work it out through context. What I get from it is that Batsu is playing the part of the rabbit. So even though I switch from first person to third person, it's all referring to the same 'person'. Think of it like he's reporting what's happened ("I was killed by something") then looking at it from afar or retrospectively ("The killing of a rabbit in bondage"). That's my take on it.


Note 2: The 'bondage' they're referring to specifically is 亀甲縛り (kikkou shibari) which roughly translates to 'tortoise shell bondage'. I'll let you guys Google that.


And just for fun:



Series of mysterious deaths




Rock band "Mamireta"

Cause of death: "Dunno"...


群馬 前橋

Gunma, Maebashi


死亡 まみれた 伐さん(年齢不詳)

Mamireta - Mr. Batsu (Age Unknown) - Deceased




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