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コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon) gt.華那 (Kana) has officially departed

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コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon) gt.華那 (Kana) has officially departed from the band since 2018/05/03.


Official statement from the band and members' messages:




Translate of the statement from B.P. RECORDS:


Yesterday, May 03rd, we had an announcement during our Tour Final at Zepp Diver City. It has been decided that Kana, our guitarist, leaves the band. He severed ties with the other members on January 04th and we received a letter from him on January 06th at the office. In this letter, he  was explaining that he wanted to withdraw from Codomo Dragon.

After that, we exchanged some messages with him, saying him that if he wanted to leave the band, he had to talk about that in person with his fans, face to face, during a live. But apart from telling us that he couldn't, Kana never gave us any other answer.

After that, we decided to wait a little bit to see if Kana's feelings were changing and if he would go back on his decision. But despite many email exchanges, his answer was always the same, his intentions never changed.

We think that even if we wait, he will never change his mind and we cannot take the liberty of  leaving longer in doubt all the fans who support us. We are really sorry for this selfish announcement. In the future, Hayato, Yume, MeN-MeN and Chamu will continue in Codomo Dragon as a four-members band. We hope we can always count on your support.

At his request, Kana's Twitter account and official blog will be closed soon. We apologize for this sudden announcement. Thank you for your understanding.


The members of Codomo Dragon



Source: http://crimsonlotus.eu



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