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- greedy dead souls (first press ltd. edition with bonus track, with Obi, extremly rare) SOLD
- underneath the skin SOLD
- THE AVOIDED SUN (Ltd. Edition, cover made of cardboard, slightly damaged) SOLD
- THE BURIED (EU Edition with bonus track) SOLD
- SHADOWS (Ltd. Edition) SOLD
- I BELIEVE IN ME (Ltd. Edition; comes with a bonus DVD, a postcard and a sticker) SOLD
- EXODUS-EP (Ltd. Edition) SOLD
- GALLOWS (Ltd. Edition, comes with two bonus DVDs) SOLD
- 10th Anniversary 2004 - 2014 The Best (Ltd. Edition, comes with two bonus DVDs and two posters) SOLD
- D.A.R.K. (Ltd. Edition, comes with two bonus DVDs, a note pad and two posters, one of them signed by all 5 members) SOLD
- AVANTGARDE (Ltd. Edition, comes with a bonus DVD and a bonus CD and a ticket holder) SOLD
- SINNERS-EP (Ltd. Edition, comes with a bonus DVD) SOLD


- a grateful shit (rare, didn't come with an Obi) SOLD
- roaring in the dark (with Obi) SOLD

- enemy (Ltd. Edition with bonus track, with Obi, quite rare) SOLD
- forgiven SOLD
- Adore (Ltd. Edition with DVD) SOLD
- Ambivalent Ideal (Ltd. Edition with DVD) SOLD
- JUDGEMENT (Ltd. Edition, with Obi) SOLD
- MIRRORS (Ltd. Edition) SOLD
- BALLAD (Comes with a bonus DVD) SOLD
- EVOKE (comes with a picture (slightly damaged) and a sticker) SOLD
- ETERNITY (comes with a picture and a sticker) SOLD
- BLOOD THIRSTY CREATURE (Ltd. Edition, includes a photobook and a Blu-Ray, comes with an extra key chain) SOLD

- ANATHEMA (was only available during their NITE BEFORE EXODUS tour when bought at the venue) SOLD


Live DVDs/Blu-Rays
- Official Bootleg I SOLD
- Official Bootleg II SOLD
- Official Bootleg III (Fanclub only, so very rare) SOLD
- il inferno (Ltd. Edition) SOLD
- Tour ‘14 to the Gallows (Ltd. Edition, comes with a (slightly damaged) poster) SOLD
- Hall Tour ‘15 The Decade of Greed (Ltd. Edition, comes with a poster and an A4 postcard) SOLD
- IMMORTALITY Blu-Ray (Ltd. Edition, comes with a poster and an A4 postcard) SOLD


- Small Cat Pouch “My little devil” SOLD
- Omamori from their New Years Live this year SOLD
- T-Shirt from their ‘14 To the Gallows Tour, white, size L (EU size M, little washed out) SOLD
- T-Shirt from their ‘16 Dark Darker Darkness Tour, black, size L (EU size M) SOLD
- T-Shirt from their Comeback Live 2017, size L (also EU size L, they changes sizes) SOLD
- T-Shirt from their ‘17 The Sinner Strikes Back Tour, size XL (=EU XL) SOLD
- Signed Birthday Card from the fan club (with their Black Triangle CD release as a bonus) SOLD
- Signed New Years Card from the fan club (with Anemone as a bonus) SOLD
- Hazuki’s Photobook with CD, signed SOLD
- Flyer Set from some of their tours, album promotion etc. SOLD
- Shirt from their fan club only live tour “Deadly Deep Kisses” 2017, so kinda rare, size M, 20€ (pic here) SOLD
- guitar pic from Yuusuke SOLD
- tote bag from their “The Sinner Strikes Back” tour in 2017, faux leather, looks really high-quality actually, could for example be used as a laptop bag (fits a 15″ one easily), 30€ (pic here) SOLD


- Rock and Read #42 SOLD
- Rock and Read #61 SOLD
- Rock and Read #67 SOLD

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Last update!! Only greedy dead souls is left! I figure it will take a while to sell this one, since it's quite expensive (but as I said, it's about the average Jap. market value atm). Please message me if you're interested, even if this post is older, I will update it once it's sold!

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