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almost forgot. good to be back though.


so the tour has just kicked off and first setlist is already up.

also, two more shows have just been added to the schedule:


2018.04.16 (神奈川県) CLUB CITTA’ -「a knot」only-
2018.04.18 (東京都) 新木場STUDIO COAST
2018.04.19 (東京都) 新木場STUDIO COAST
2018.04.25 (大阪府) なんばHatch
2018.04.26 (大阪府) なんばHatch
2018.04.28 (宮城県) 仙台銀行ホール イズミティ21
2018.05.01 (愛知県) Zepp Nagoya


2018.06.29 (東京都) 新木場STUDIO COAST -「a knot」only- (Additional Show)
2018.06.30 (東京都) 新木場STUDIO COAST (Additional Show)

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2018.04.16 (神奈川県) CLUB CITTA’ -「a knot」only-


01. Intro
02. 人間を被る / Ningen Wo Kaburu
04. てふてふ / Tefu Tefu
05. 禍夜想 / Magayasou
06. 鴉 / Karasu
07. 腐海 (2018 Ver.) / Fukai
08. Midwife
10. *New Song
11. *New Song (the one played during Mode Of Kisou tour)
13. Sustain The Untruth
14. Beautiful Dirt
16. 霧と繭 (2012 Ver.) / Kiri To Mayu
17. 詩踏み / Utafumi

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credits to kyotaku, as usual


2018.04.18 Shinkiba Studio Coast setlist

00 video intro
01 人間を被る / Ningen o kaburu
04 禍夜想 / Magayasou
05 鴉 / Karasu
06 腐海 / Fukai
07 Midwife
08 new song / Ranunculus
09 Sustain the Untruth
10 てふてふ / Tefutefu
13 Beautiful Dirt


en14 new song / Punk is not dead
en15 霧と繭 / Kiri to mayu
en16 詩踏み / Utafumi





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Shinya's soundcheck:





live report (warning: loooong)



CLUB CITTA 川崎 - a knot- only

4.16.2018 (Monday)

If I could sum up the first live of Shinsekai in one sentence, I’d say: “The thirst was real.”

I couldn’t believe we lasted half a year without seeing Dir en grey live. Damn, I missed them so much.

While a sold out Shinkiba Studio Coast show is happening right now, let me share memories of the Club Citta show.

I got a couple of tickets to Kawasaki live so I went with my bb, @yourfantasyparade. Our numbers are in the 800 series.

I can’t remember the songs played before the live started but there was definitely Bjork.

As always, in every concert, there will be a big push minutes before the start of the live and one more during lights out. In the first push, I thought I would sprain my ankle as I was talking animatedly to bb when all of a sudden we were pushed. Good thing I managed to hold her hand and pulled her with me amidst the commotion.  We were, as usual, in the shimote area and the fans there were all taller than us and it was really difficult to see anything.  

When the lights dimmed, the crowd went “wooooohhhhhhhh!” and the opening sequence played on the screen. What i remembered are the sentences “Why am I living?”, “It’s good to know what love is.” and the words “Visual”, “Brainstorm” and there were others but I couldn’t remember. 

Shinya came out wearing white. That’s what I remember. I only saw Die and his majestic flowing hair but I didn’t see what he was wearing. Toshiya came out wearing the same outfit from the latest photo shoot but his hair is not the same as in the photoshoot. More of like DSS period but longer (i mean, the length of his hair). Kaoru and Toshiya have the same hair length. As soon as I saw Kaoru I started screaming “RED! RED! RED HEAD!” because at first I really thought his hair was red. Lol. Kyo came in and it was definitely green and he was wearing a jacket and I remember a shirt with 3 diagonal lines. There were english words on top of the lines. I remember reading them but I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember now. DAMN.

The first song was Ningen wo kaburu as I have anticipated. Being the first live in the “true world”, it is only apt to start it with a strong song. It started with Kaoru’s lead guitars (I was thinking Rinkaku-like) and then coupled with Shinya’s drumming for a bit and then we started with the slow headbanging and when Kyo started the singing we just continued to just follow through with fist pumps. Toshiya did a lot of back up in the song and it was really sexy. The backups are definitely something aimed for the fans to sing along with once we get the hang of it. The 1st half of the song wasn’t fast (in my memory), it was melodious, too. The 2nd half or maybe the middle is fast and heavy (I remembered Different Sense in a way). I really like the chorus of the song and Toshiya’s basslines argh so sexaayy! And the way Toshiya growled at the end of the song, oh man, I squealed. *flails* And followed by Kaoru’s lingering guitar lines aaaahhhh the song is love.

The overall feel of Ningen wo Kaburu for me is like Un Deux meets Different Sense. But that’s just me. 

Then I noticed that Kaoru actually has half black (right), half purple hair (left). Colors parted half in the middle. I saw he was wearing a black cape over coat with white collared (possibly) polo. There were rope-like chains further to the right of his chest and when I looked at his pants, I thought he was wearing tights (but it seemed he doesn’t i don’t know!) with leopard print on the left leg.

There was just a few seconds break and they played Different Sense. It suited so much after Ningen wo Kaburu finished. There was no rest for our resident “growler” Toshiya hihi… He looked soooo serious but still so cute while he growled. I remember he was smiling during “Live through this world” while cupping his ears because at first he did the back up but when he heard all of us singing along, he stopped. Isn’t he just adorable? Then Kyo also allowed us to sing along with him and along Toshiya’s back up. So it felt soooo good. So freaking good. I feel the goosebumps just thinking of it.

Tefutefu was next and man… I’m so done. I love this song so much and so I knew Kyo made a mistake with the lyrics. Lol. I was singing along and he sang namida de obore nemurou during the 1st verse.

Magayasou was next and I think they used the same video background as before (meaning, from the mode ofs). There was literally no break between Magayasou and the next song, Karasu. The lights were focused on Kaoru as expected and it was so wonderful how he played his guitar like playing the piano. The chorus was so amazing and when Toshiya used the mic stand to assault his bass guitar - truly goosebumps-inducing!

And then one of the most amazing things happened that night, when Fukai was played. Everyone went “WOOOOOOO!” Haha! Toshiya’s bass lines are so crisp in the new version it makes me cry. The song is so wonderful! I can listen to Toshiya’s bass for days - even just his bass lines alone. And surely Kyo changed the lyrics once again and he also sang some of the lines on a higher octave. That man is a beast! 

Midwife was next. As usual no breaks. I think this is where I really started hurting my neck because I couldn’t stop myself from headbanging. Haha! While I’m writing this my neck is still very much sore. I remember Kyo urging us to sing “Kasanatte” loudly.

There was a break here and I believe it was this time when I noticed that Kaoru was having difficulties with his hand. He was in his obscured area by the side of the stage. While majority was screaming Toshiya in the shimote as Kaoru was kinda hidden from view, I saw him picking and placing something on his fingers or on his pick and then he tried playing and then it didn’t work and he was looking upset and then he took another and then tried again. He continued to flex his hands so I can only guess he was having difficulties with his hand? I cannot be sure at all. It could just be me overthinking things. :(

The next amazing thing happened and that was Vinushka. I say it’s amazing because the crowd goes in a frenzy of “woooohh!!!” in some of the songs. Vinushka, was the longest woooooh of them all. And why not? I didn’t expect them to play it anyway. But well, I guess Dir is updated with what’s happening in the world. They have a new video for Vinushka on the screen but still with the war concept. There was a line “Stop bombing nations” or country? I can’t remember but I was eerily reminded of the Syrian situation which was on the news the past days in Japan as well. 

The next song was another new song - the punk song. Punk because there’s a lot of punk visuals in it. I don’t think it was among the songs played in the previous mode of so this is the 4th new song, by my count (the other 3 - Ningen wo kaburu, another fast song from mode of DSS, Ranunculus - from mode of Kisou). It started with guitar riffs between Die and Kaoru. In a way, I got reminded of their D’erlanger cover in all honesty. The pre-chorus is filled with Toshiya’s growls but overpowered by Kyo and Shinya combi and the chorus is super melodious I loved it! The bridge part is also so melodious like it’s so easy to sing along. The ending is reminiscent of Utafumi with how Kyo ends the song.

And while we were doing the usual name callings, there was a tune being played in piano and I knew it was the Ranunculus song. During the mode of Kisou, they played this song and some fans even managed to assume the lyrics and posted in Twitter. Back then, after the piano intro, the whole band comes in playing before Kyo sings the first line. This time, after the piano version, Kyo sings right away. The lyrics were flashed on the screen and from memory, some of the lyrics were changed since that time. Geez, that was November 2016 if I’m not mistaken? I remember the song reminded me of Kasumi/Rinkaku before. The feeling didn’t really change at all. I’m still reminded of Kasumi and Rinkaku. And yes, it truly is Ranunculus that Kyo was singing. I would say Kyo struggled a bit in singing the song but we all know Kyo just needed to warm up. I’m sure Shinkiba it would be more polished. I was also quite wondering why Toshiya changed some of the bass lines in a part of the song and it kinda felt off to me. I was gonna say he made a mistake but he probably just changed his lines. Or I could have remembered it wrong.  Referring to the meaning of the song, I can’t say at this point. I need to see/hear the lyrics again.

They didn’t pause and went straight to Sustain the untruth like it was just one song. As normal, Kyo went from middle to right to left side of the stage. Toshiya went to the middle and Kaoru went to the left side. I think? Haha. Kaoru went to our side and was looking at everyone, nudging his head as if to say, “Move!”. He then looked towards the back and did the same thing while he played. He’s so adorable.

Next was Disabled Complexes. I was really surprised they played it. But it was really, really nice. :) Kyo definitely sang japanese lyrics in the beginning. Or was it almost all? Geez, I can’t truly remember but because I tried to sing along with him and since we’re not matching I concluded that he sang different lyrics to some parts hahaha, I’m so sorry. “PSYCHO KILLER” was shown on the screen and Kyo asked us to jump if i’m not mistaken.

Beautiful Dirt was next and for me it just went by in a flash. I remember holding on to the person in front of me and headbanging heavily. Also remember Toshiya so near us. 

And then it was the end. I cannot believe it just ended like that. We started calling for encore then and I realized I was pushed once again from Kaoru to Toshiya’s side. Kaoru fans are so rabid and demanding. Haha! I managed to reconcile with bb because somewhere along the way we just lost each other in the chaos of the live’s mainset. 


Shinya came out followed by Die and from what I remember they were wearing the same type of long sleeved top. I only saw them once during the encore. It was so sad. Huhu. Toshiya came out wearing a black sleveless polo. Kaoru came out wearing his Hanshin Tigers X Dir en grey happi coat. He is soooo cute! Kyo came out wearing the Shinsekai merch shirt and purple pants!!! 

First song was Lotus and Kyo had a hard time singing here. There were parts wherein he couldn’t sing anymore. He may have been tired really. Towards the end he seemed like he was gonna tear up and it was heart wrenching. I thought he would have a hard time singing till the end but hellooo voila! Kiri to mayu was next! Ah this song is truly magnificent. I loved their performance and Kyo didn’t disappoint (when did he ever anyway?). If there was a song I would say my favorite was tonight? It was Kiri to mayu. I headbanged so hard to it. I hope they play it again in the next lives that I will be watching. (How awesome it would have been if they played Sangeki no yoru though. Haha, but that one definitely doesn’t fit, so no.)

Utafumi was next. I think we sang a lot here and I remember shouting “Kakatte koi!!!” with Kyo. It seriously became a part of the song already. 

Normally Kyo would be urging us to scream and if we can still go on but I couldn’t remember him doing that in Citta. We went straight to Repetition of hatred. Kyo doesn’t sing the “is this really where i belong” part anymore. I just remembered headbanging lots. I couldn’t see anyone anyway so might as well just enjoy the music. Meh.

Last song. I saw Toshiya smiling so triumphantly at the back and while looking at us, he raised his pointy finger to say “hey guys, last one!”. So cute, so perfectly adorable that man! And then Kyo went through his normal adlibs and it was such a shame the live had to come to an end.

Obviously it would be The IIID empire as last song and yessss! I didn’tcare if i stepped on anyone but I continuously jumped during the song while headbanging. It was so good! And while jumping I could see the members too so it was well and good. We sang along so much, jumped so much, it was just such an amazing song during lives. Studio version doesn’t do any justice lol. And of course, Toshiya had to show off his new bass lines and we were clapping to his beat until the guitars overpowered him. I have to say as well that Shinya, throughout the times I saw him, was on fire. He was not only drumming, but also headbanging every time I see him. He’s so amazing.

I can’t remember anything much after the encore. How and when they left. What i remember is Kyo left first. Kaoru left as well and then came back. He’s a funny one. While we were shouting his name, he just left. What the hell. HAHAHA! Toshiya showered us with water. Toshiya smiled SOOOOO much. He aimed picks at some fans on his side. I didn’t see him throw his Corona bottle. Kaoru came back and showered us with water. He once again showered particular people in the front while he smirked like a bully. Shinya came and showered us with water as well. Die came very quickly and threw picks but no water. Lucky me got showered by those 3 yeyyyy!

Toshiya spent so much time in front of us. He looked very, very happy. Kaoru continued to throw picks at us and after that, before he left, he waved his hand to us “BAIBAI!”. He’s the cutest.

I was excited to go out of the venue because of the flyers. I was very much convinced that there would be news about the remaining mode of DVD/BR and true enough! So we have to look forward to mode of MACABRE and mode of withering to death. in June (please make your reservations in May through GBS!) and that completes the mode of series. They will be releasing a special 3D box where you can put all the previous mode of. The complete 3D box contains a special box for the Gauze one so it can complete the circle as the original Gauze packaging won’t fit the rest of the modes. The Gauze disc itself is not included in the complete box, so if you don’t have it, buy it. So prepare money for 3D box, mode of macabre and then mode of wither. 

And then the additional lives happening on June 29-30 in Shinkiba Studio Coast. June 29 is for -a knot- only and they have already released the lottery site for it. Send in your entry if you’re planning to go! The one for June 30 is a separate one because you need your Ningen wo kaburu CD where they include a flyer with serial number. It’s also a lottery from what I remember so just apply for it during the entry period.

Then the other news include:

- Mobile battery chargers wth guitar designs each from Kaoru, Toshiya and Die. Kaoru already has 2 so this is his 3rd (oh man! i have so many power banks already!). It will be released in June for ordering, if I remember it right but delivery in July or August (sorry, can’t remember but i can check if need be).

- DIRT online shop will reopen to showcase the items from the limited pop up store. So since they didn’t sell out in the store, might as well offer to those who can only buy online!

- The The Day featured a hidden message (thanks to Kumrau!!!) that there will be Dokugen 2 sometime soon. Lida-sama is truly soooo busy!

- Memoca Pia for the current tour

I don’t know how I survive every live, I promise. It’s like every time they finish a live, a part of me gets taken by them. But in a way, they give me reason to go on and survive because I want to see them again. It is truly an honor to watch them live. Thank you, DIR EN GREY. So this is the TRUE WORLD. Let me live in it forever please…?



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from kyotaku:


DIR EN GREY twitter 2018.04.19


今日は晴れて暖かいですね。TOUR18 真世界も3本目!



The second day at Shinkiba!

Today we have nice weather and it’s nice. It’s already the 3rd show of TOUR18 Shinsekai!

The atmosphere backstage also became tour mode from the day one. Even so we had 4 tours last year, that feeling leaves you. Shinsekai continues. I’m looking forward to how will this tour develop! Takabayashi




2018.04.19 Shinkiba Studio Coast

00 video intro (ver.2 - guy with the shovel)
01 人間を被る / Ningen wo Kaburu
02 Disabled Complexes
03 Repetition of Hatred

04 てふてふ / Tefutefu
06 禍夜想 / Magayasou
07 Midwife

08 Behind a vacant image
09 DIABOLOS (demo ver. (short))

10 new song / Ranunculus
11 腐海 / Fukai
13 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 / Hageshisa

en14 鴉 / Karasu
en15 鱗 / Uroko
en16 霧と繭 / Kiri to Mayu
en17 Beautiful Dirt
en18 詩踏み / Utafumi


I really loved the energy today and had such a great time!! There was less ‘I’ll shove you out of my way to the front’ and 'more let’s enjoy this together’, at least around me, but I was standing at exactly the same area as yesterday 😁

Kyo wore a huge shirt with 'wave’ print, Adidas tracksuit pants tucked in white Balenciaga socks amd trainers. His hair was not styled today, but it’s still mint green. He wore stronger make up than yesterday - dark eyeshadow that made his white lenses stand out more.

Did Shinya wear his custom made white Madaraningen dress??? Die’s hair was sleek on one side. Toshiya wore the artist photo outfit again. Kaoru’s hair was fluffier?

Usually there’s a some very quiet background sound for longer breaks between songs, but this time after DIABOLOS the track was louder?

Favourite moment - Kyo shouting 'kakattekoi!!!!!’ without the microphone before Utafumi.

After encore Kyo went back to the drum stand and he came back to the edge of the scene wearing the hood towel. After splashing fans with water and throwing the bottle (s?) to fans he wiped his face in the towel and threw it to fans :) Then he did the 'horn’ pointing (but he points with index and tiny finger and moves them like they’re rabbit ears 😁) he waved us goodbye.

Other members were throwing stuff as usual but because of the chaos that happened under the stage with the towel I didn’t see much after Kyo left 😂






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