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伊弉諾(IZANAGI) (ex.Embrace) session band "Mareni Mirell" will perform

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伊弉諾(IZANAGI) (ex.Embrace) session band "Mareni Mirell" will perform at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at 2018/04/29.

It is a session band of the aesthetic series of the 90's, for example: MALICE MIZER, Raphael, LAREINE,...

The project began in mid-2017.




"Mareni Mirell" members:

vo.&.ba.伊弉諾(IZANAGI) (ex.Embrace)

gt.陽(Haru) (盲目ダイアリー(Moumoku Diary), the Möria)

gt.Setzer (ex.Noire Neige)

dr.屑希(Kuzuki) (ex.Metis Gretel, now in 盲目ダイアリー(Moumoku Diary))


ヴェル・エール (Bel Air) (MALICE MIZER)


症状3.XXX症 (Shoujo 3 XXX) (Raphael)


ヴァンパイアロマンス (Vampire Romance) (LAREINE)


They have opened a twitter account a couple of days ago

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SET-LIST at 2018/04/29:

01. ヴェル・エール (Bel Air) (MALICE MIZER)

02. ヴァンパイアロマンス (Vampire Romance) (LAREINE)


03. 症状3.XXX症 (Shoujo 3 XXX) (Raphael)

04. 不滅花 (Fumetsuka) (Raphael)

05. Touch (Raphael)



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The guitarrist... 😕

Nice project and nice that they focus on old school Visual Kei but they need more more practice to play decently. And the singer needs to be more expressive and theatrical.

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