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Coming back to Visual Kei after a long break

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Hi, my name’s Katie. I’ve been listening to VK and some other J-rock bands since 2000, but I took a long break from searching up new bands and keeping up with discographies around 2011. I’ve recently been diving in again, and eager to catch up on the scene.


I had a pod-o-matic podcast a decade ago called J-rock North, and I was thinking of creating a YouTube channel to discuss bands. I was inspired by the MUCC discography review thread to take that similar concept across several bands. I’ve started cataloguing with the “A’s”, and it’s put me in a position to seriously re-evaluate some bands that I initially dismissed or never really followed.


I’ll be super swamped with working 70 hr weeks pretty soon, but I hope to release my first video sometime in June.


I’m also taking the plunge this year of attending my first J-rock live by flying to Toronto to see Miyavi.


Hope to have fun talking with everyone here.

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