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Tonight's post is, pretty old...and pretty janky (those fish l o l ) / unfinished but one I'd like to redo better also on canvas.


I also did not get hired at the place I interviewed at and I'm pretty bummed. Guess it's a point towards just continuing what I've been doing

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well guess it didn't take long for things to take the piss after attempting to be positive, one of my tarantulas died right after I got the shit news about the job, and then my grandma is back in the hospital on chemo. world don't want anyone to win lol.  but still not giving up.


unfortunately tonight's post is still old:



this being the only new thing i've drawn...and it doesn't really count for much lol




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My cousin has hooked me up with a cool venom collab at a con, if all things go well. It's all new to me never being a fan artist, but so long as I'm still drawing monsters it's all good ┌(┌゜⊿^)┐

Still working wip


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