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ex-HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR members new project "DracoVirgo" has formed

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A band project of 女角兎 MAAKIII (VOCAL), 重弦龍 mACKAz (BASS) and 打楽龍 SASSY (DRUMS).
These three are the principal axis of creation. They are destined to evolve as a group of mixture rock artists who are to keep incorporating with various creators of the world who resonate with this project. Holding unlimited possibilities, they freely swing by the world of "dream and reality" and "yin and yang".




"DracoVirgo" members:





Their first single "KAIBUTSU" will be released in 2018/02/26.



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1 hour ago, Seelentau said:

didnt they have a screamer?

Yusuke, yeah. Screamer/Rapper/Vocalist.


Last thing I know he was in some kind of band with dual vocals. Forgot the name but seeing as I forgot it it must mean they didn't really get anywhere. (Just went to look it up. It was Vanity Sicks)


This is one hell of a nostalgia trip though. Wow. Also makes me wonder what they could have been by now if she'd never left in the first place. I'm kind of amused the guys just up and came back to form a band with her after she was basically the reason they lost their label and popularity.

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