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VK live and instore tickets overseas

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Hey guys, I've been listening to VK for almost five years now, and this December, I'm going to visit Japan for the first time.


I really want to go to a live and an instore when I go, but I don't know how to get tickets when overseas. Any advice? I know it can probably be done, because I've seen others do it, but I'm not sure.


If it helps, I also have a basic grasp on Japanese; I passed the JLPT N3 in December, and I can navigate ok with my level.

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There are kiosk machines in convenience stores like Lawson, Family Mart and 7 Eleven that you can buy tickets to. The Loppi machines in Lawson are super convenient because you can search by L-code, which will pull up the event directly and you can buy your ticket through there. You have to input your name and a phone number (I just threw in a random number) and it'll print a slip. Bring that slip to the counter and they'll print your ticket right there. Conversely, you can buy tickets online as most lives use eplus or a similar system, although I have no experience with that.


You also might want to shoot @Suuua PM or DM on twitter as V STAR PROMOTION is also helping gaijin acquire tickets to live events. I worked with them to get to Deviloof's free oneman last year, so you at least have one success story here.


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^i think they mean buying tickets while still overseas. i've been wondering this too since i'll be visiting japan in 2 months and want to ensure that i get tickets for all the lives i want to go to before arriving there. by the looks of that V STAR PROMOTION tweet though it seems like they provide that kind of service.


i think there's a way you can pre-order tickets through eplus which you can pay and obtain at convenience stores once you arrive in japan. i don't know much about that though since it's been 2 years since i used eplus and i forgot how most of the process went.....i'm trying to figure that out right now as i jog up my memory. if anyone else here knows more about that that'd be great~


edit: ok never mind, seems like eplus won't work unless you can verify your account with a (japanese) mobile phone. must be a new thing cuz i didn't have to do that the first time i registered..... :/

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If you don't mind me asking, what band are you trying to go see for the live and instore? 

Because if you're trying to see a band that is at least middle-tier popular, I'd recommend getting a buying service for Mercari/Yahoo Auctions or another site like that and try to get some FC tickets for the live. In my experiences, I've seen FC club ticket go for less than directly buying Gen-release tickets especially if the number on the ticket is in the 1000's place.  

Also keep in mind the size of the venue too and google it. If it's smaller (around 1000 or less), in or near a big city, and the band is middle-tier, I'd recommend trying a buying service like patientZERO posted and try to see if they can buy tickets for you because there's more of a chance they'll sell out and then you'll have to gamble on trying to buy tickets off of someone on a site. 

If it's a smaller band, I'd just use a ticket buying service.


For instores, I would check to see if they're already sold out because, again, if they're a middle-tier (for example Kiryu, coming from your icon), it's probably already sold out. Unless you happen to be in Sendai or something...which if you were you probably could just buy the CDs when you get there and get the tickets that way.

If it's a small band, you can get them when you get there b/c I can promise you they won't sell out, trust me. But if you want pre-order bonuses, go for a buying service.

If you're going to any other major city (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya) and it's middle-tier  and they aren't sold out or the CD hasn't put up pre-orders yet, I'd definitely do a buying service as soon as possible. 

If it is sold out and you are dying to go and are willing to pay an arm and a leg to meet your band (which no judgement by the way) I have seen some go on sale on Mercari but they're usually marked up a lot and are sold pretty fast.

There's also twitter and tanuki sometimes but I don't have any experience in doing that.


For Ordering Concert/Live Tickets (I've never used any of these so if anyone has experience with these please post them!!)



Or message V-Star on twitter


For Buying from Mercari/Yahoo and Ordering Instore Tickets 






Whoops, can't use FJ for Mercari thanks for the info btw!

But Yahoo Auction's okay 


There are a lot of buying services so I'd look at what one is best for you. I used this one when I was still living in the states. But that was a while ago so there might be better ones.


Also, if you do end up buying the instore tickets from the music store site itself and not an auction site, first, find out what the policies the store has for ordering CDs online and getting instore tickets because usually you have to call the store. So once you find that out, email the buying service and explain to them the instructions for that and see if they are willing to do that for you. And definitely do that before you put your order in to make sure they can call the store.

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