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4:01__ 1.UNCERTAIN
3:15__ 2.Invitation
3:58__ 3.Bipolar [TYPE-A]
4:11__ 3.Duality [TYPE-B] 







DEVIZE born 2 years ago and soon they will spread their wings to disbandment. As a goodbye they released 4 more songs. as a 2-TYPE CD. The CD will be released on Valentine's day, February 14th and it's a very nice valentine's gift.  Of course the single doesn't disappoint me at all. all 4 songs are wonderful again and with a typical DEVIZE sound. and tears are shed while listing to this masterpiece. 


The single starts with the track UNCERTAIN, it starts with vocal, there is no instrumental leading, however after a few words the song get's leaded with a nice beating instrument leading towards more singing. After 1 minute you hear the first "grunting, single voice" which fit's in good followed by clean singing again. The song is mostly soft but the more heavy parts have the nice "grunting voice" which you let headbang for a second.  The mix of a bit more softness and a nice heavy feeling is well done in this song and it's easy to listen until the end.


Moving to Invitation, the song starts with a heavy up beat and with a sound of "tuntuntuntun" into nice heavy guitar playing and nice grunting which flows in clean singing while the melody stays heavy. the non singing parts of this song are nicely heavy and fast. every melody in this song flows perfectly.


Moving to Bipolar [TYPE-A]

This song has the longest intro and the intro has kind of "Moslim countries" type of melody feeling inside. Which sounds pretty nice. Also the guitar riff is damn beautiful and it's hard to describe but it's a melody you don't hear often in the VKei world.The song is also a pretty much calm song with almost only clean singing.
You get a nicely calm flowing dreamy feeling of the song.


moving to Duality [TYPE-B] It's a more fast and heavy song, after a sort into it starts with Alfion typical grunting voice, flowed later in his stunning cleaning single just at the right moment, and that' repeats, grunting, cleaning, grunting, cleaning~ all in a perfect flow. It also has a beautiful piano melody inside. flowed by a beautiful short guitar solo.  


After all, the single should first grow a little bit after your first listen, but if you play it on repeat the single grows within the day and you cannot put it off anymore.
DEVIZE closes their band 100% with a stunning amazing single, and for me this band disbandment is the most sad one in my whole Japanese listen music history.  Because this band really had so much potential to grow bigger and bigger. To me their music always sounded perfect, nothing annoying, good guitar, good vocal, no pig scream, all melodies had a perfect flow which let me easy listen a song until the end.  And after all I never expected it from the beginning. I pray to see the guys after the disbandment together in a brand new band.  


For now already, thanks to the band and double river record for this amazing band.
I will never forget this band and will listen to their music endlessly and it's regrettable that I cannot see them another time. 


You still can support this band to buy their music on CDJapan


Sadly no MV of this single, so I give you Fallin'Night  to give a impression of their sound if you never have listen to them before.





ALL LIVE INFO: http://devize.jp 

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Just now, BrenGun said:

Yeah and if you search the forum good, you also know why :D Anyway please look forward to it~

Ok I have no idea what that means:tw_glasses:

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