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[REVIEW] ya ya ya's BEST OF 2017

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Hello MH ppl, like I basically make every year, this is my list from what I enjoyed the most from 2017, I took more than I expect to create and elaborate it due to some things related to my university, but that is now fixed.

This time I have done some changes on it's structure and to look more clean with smaller pictures. I did a top 10 for singles, mini albums and full albums, with small reviews for all of them.

Check it, give me some feedback if you like it, and if you have shared the same feeling in one/more releases below. Also, later check HERE to see what are my "all starts" rating for what I have listened during the whole 2017, and if you think I'm missing a release, let me know so I can look for it and listen.







First note for the single, I don't like the DNA song, but I felt in love with the songs for ネイキッド (Naked) and 嫌、嫌、嫌 (Iya, Iya, Iya). The major guitar riffs from 嫌、嫌、嫌  and all the worked with the music composition was already a gem to make an entry to my favorites releases from 2017. But during my first listen to the single, most to point right after 嫌、嫌、嫌 , there was ネイキッド to start. During it's first seconds I knew that this would be interesting to listen, and during every moment from this song I felt thinking, "IS THIS REALITY?". I didn't had that feeling in a long time. That feeling with the already great 嫌、嫌、嫌 one, made it to be my favorite single, and as well my favorite release from 2017.

Favorite inside: ネイキッド, 嫌、嫌、嫌




A surprise, but not so suprise because it's Ikuma's related. I do like his vocals since the first days on the band アンド (Ando). I personally had no trust into REIGN when they debut, I found their first singles kind boring saving maximun song per single, but when Kaji (drummer) left and Rami joined the band, they changed drastically changed their music, for me, they changed for good. Later Rami left and Kazuhiro become their 3rd and newer drummer. Kazuhiro perfectly fits on them. I couldn't expect REIGN would grow that much with him. COBALT is unbelievable my favorite work from those guys. The single carry a mystical intro with VENOM and his full music set, followed by Death Mary which is a very well made jazzy song, and so MOON CHILD, a great ballad song.

Favorite inside: ALL


3. ラッコ - 虫入りチョコレート


Great part here knows I'm one of Tenten's hardcore fan club listeners, so It wouldn't be a yaki's list without he being part of it. 虫入りチョコレート (Mushiri Chocolate) is still my favorite from them from 2017, I'm still missing their 数の原理 , 溝鼠賛歌 and 弱肉教職. But 虫入りチョコレート songs style is what I expect ラッコ to make during their next release acts.

ラッコ by far isn't my best Tenten, and probably won't be. No doubt they need some improvement for future, and they have potential for this, their line up members are great and skilled. Hyped to meet their future steps.

Favorite inside: 雨の怪虫, 液体, 幽囚谷のバッタ




Being RAZOR's second single, they was successful at building good release, and a stunning song main song, LIQUID VAIN is a almost 6 minutes long song that doesn't leak it's quality from the began to the very end. I also like 邪崩 (Evil) and ADAMZ a lot, but it looks like they don't fit very well in the same pack. Waiting for their next single, and what color will be feature.

Favorite inside: LIQUID VAIN, 邪崩


5. DADAROMA - いいくすりと、わるいくすり


After getting a bit dissapointed with DADAISM#3 in earlier 2017, I become into a possible hopeless about what they would make, and if this kind of style were going to be into next releases. They got my trust again with on them with their following single, but yet nothing compared to what DADAROMA did so far on their past years. Later, they made an info report for いいくすりと、わるいくすり (iikusuri, waruikusuri) to come on November. いいくすりと、わるいくすり was their best way to close DADAROMA's year, songs like いいくすり and アリス イン アンダーグラウンド(Alice in Underground) and 2017年 7月 21日の日記 makes me proud of this band.

Favorite inside: いいくすり, アリス イン アンダーグラウンド, 2017年 7月 21日の日記.


6. アルルカン - 影法師


What to say about 影法師 (Kageboushi) that isn't related to high level music? Love at first sight and listen, this is still one of a few singles that I listen on it's full size on repeat, without skipping or getting tired. No doubt this is the kind of music I enjoy the most for them to make. I wish アルルカン would be able to keep 影法師 and ジレンマ style for some upcoming releases, which are my favorite releases so far.

Favorite inside: ALL


7. アクメ - マグロ解体チェーンソー


After DIV's sad disbandment and seeing months passing by, and nothing about Chisa to return to the scene with a new band. I suddenly got bumped by an info reporting a band to debut, and guess what, Chisa was on it with Shogo. I become totally fulfilled the most when listening to アクメ's マグロ解体チェーンソー (Maguro Kaitai Chainsaw). The full single vibe turned into an blend/mixing with electro and rock. This was probably Chisa and Shogo wished to keep for DIV. マグロ解体チェーンソー is an impressive main song with a good composition work and also back vocals that worked incredible well. Followed by Cry Wolf, that carry a heavy beats and riffs.

Favorite inside: マグロ解体チェーンソー, Cry Wolf


8. DEZERT - 撲殺ヒーロー


I started to listen DEZERT when they made their debut into the scene, but never became a fan from what they released later. At a most recent status, I gave them another check for them with their two occult best albums, and their music finally triggered on me. I got even more interest when Vivi (ex.Moran) joined them. Vivi turned into Miyako, and he put on the table heavy skilled guitar, something he never made with Moran.

Their 撲殺ヒーロー (Bokusatsu Hero) single, is a very balanced release and gave some fabulous and yet unknow feelings for DEZERT.

Favorite inside: 幸福のメロディー, ヘドロママ, 遭難(piano version)




With the news regarding Akinori left to fix some personal problems, I got feared about what this could affect lynch and their future endevoures for music in general. Something like lost of their remarkable style didn't happen and BLOOD THIRSTY CREATURES was a blast for all of their songs. This single got me the same feelings I once got with I BELIEVE IN ME single years ago, which since that time is still my favorite single.

Favorite inside: ALL


10. ZON - Mr.GONG


I still remember when this band came to start activities, I got to follow those guys for their look, later became interest on their music when they first released "Heads up!", I wasn't mistaken to keep listening to them.

Mr.GONG is an amusing single, the main song and replica is what I look more into. Looking foward to their upcoming mini album and futher music releases to those guys.

Favorite inside: Mr.GONG, replica

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1. RAZOR - the CORE


I wasn't mistake in tell on the RAZOR's news thread that mini album would be a blast, this one became easily my favorite mini album. First, Ryoga. Second Kouryu and Tetsuya. That mix will never go into a wrong path. I have been hearing for it on repeat during hours, mostly during some free nights. Everything sounds incredible.

Favorite inside: ALL


2. 甘い暴力 - 君、依存、タトゥー


First mini album from 甘い暴力, and still my favorite release from them. The ex.Shounenki guys did a fabulous new band and also a good and virtuous mini album marathon during 2017.

Favorite inside: ALL


3.甘い暴力 - 幸せだよ。殺したい。


Another one, because Amai is never too much. The well made harmionization on the songs from this release, made this one is a notorious big way to show themselves and how they want to sound to their audience.

Favorite inside: ALL


4. Soanプロジェクト with 芥 - 調律、その脈動に問う


Being another piece of the remaining Moran line up, this was the one I had less interest and expectative to like, but I suddenly enjoyed it more than Umiyuri (Hitomi's project). The Akuta side have a lof of interesting and already memorable things.

Favorite inside: 刹那を駆ける命の一行に, パラドクス, undelete, sign...


5. Soanプロジェクト with 手鞠 - 旋律、静かな願いと


The second unit of Soan's project consist in the ex.amber gris' singer, Temari. I never got much into amber gris and how they sounded. But this one is completely different in so many ways. Flawless gems everywhere.

Favorite inside: sign… -resonance-, 焦燥の日々の帷、憔悴する白雪姫, 相対する質量の交錯する熱量, 正否の相違、或いは利害の不一致, それを僕は普遍と呼び、君はそれを不変と詠んだ


6. 甘い暴力 - 清楚系不純エゴ


4th and last piece of the great mini album marathon, this release was great enough to close 甘い暴力 outstanding year. Expectations for their future releases and yt shares from it, are what I probably want the most to 2018 along with RAZOR.

Favorite inside: ALL


7. 甘い暴力 - 名前が無い


From all the amazing releases those perfect guys made in 2017, this is mini was the one I had less plays counted, even with this primary status, I love it "a bunch of lot".

Favorite inside: ALL




Followed by Chisa, SHIN (ex.ViViD) was the another vocalist I was more looking for a comeback, and in 2017 this finally happened. His powerful and involving vocals were finally able for the best return he could have done. His debut single and Good Morning Dreamer mini album are what you want to listen from SHIN for the next few years, until he and his ViViD mates make a ViViD return.

Favorite inside: WEAKEND, 4444, RESTART, TERRITORY, 2015年 4月 29日, Jack the Ripper


9. アクメ - SENKOU


Acme couldn't had better debut, SENKOU shows what direction they want to follow, and that this direction have as many styles as you want. From the indies rock to electro rock to energetic ballads. The proudly and most perfect comeback for such stars like Chisa and Shogo.

Favorite inside: TrickxTrap, テバナシライダー, MONSTER, SENKOU, KAMIKAZE


10. ウミユリ - 餓え


I was expecing it to sound like Moran once sounded, but I end up not getting fulfilled with this wish. In the other side, Soan project was what sounded the most to Moran.

The good point it that Hitomi is still spreading his voice tune and to keep on the scene making good music for those who felt down when Moran and/or Fatima disbanded.

Favorite inside: アマノ花談, Hunger, Jugde gavel, Ever after

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1. JAKIGAN MEISTER - ejacuIation


The first is full award is nothing less than my all time favorite guitarrist also knowed as Sakito (lead guitar for NIGHTMARE). After NIGHTMARE went hiatus and all the members got into different solo projects, this is what I was waiting the most. JAKIGAN MEISTER also has Ni-ya (bassist for NIGHTMARE). For the first time, Sakito become the major vocalist from a band. The songs on the album don't seem that good playing one at once, but it got really good when playing everything together, a conection between all can be notice.

Favorite inside: ALL


2.Kra - Kraのすゝめ


Another genious move from Kra, this best album prove that they are enough great to keep during another 10 years around. Even it being a best album, I still believe the main reason for it being made was for Taizo take part on those fabulous songs.

Favorite inside: ALL


3. MUCC - 新葬ラ謳


One fragement from MUCC fabulous year, and surely what a digged the most. It was my first time ever checking 葬ラ謳 songs, and it was my time to know why people claimed this to be one of their best ever made album. This release changed all my perspective from them, changed from regular to good. Enjoying basically 90% inside, I want to be able to listen it on my next life.

Favorite inside: ズタズタ, 僕が本当の僕に耐え切れず造った本当の僕, 絶望, ホムラウタ, 幸せの終着, 暗闇に咲く花, 黒煙, 君に幸あれ




The so hyped release from 2017 by great part from 2017, and also a self request ballad album from THE GAZETTE surfaced into being a remastered version. A shame with some songs and blessing move for others. I it would be lie to say I like everything, cos I didn't, some of my most favorites like 枯詩(Kare Uta), D.L.N, 白き憂鬱(Shiroki no yuutsu) hadn't the same feeling I once had for the original versions... but songs like reila, CASSIS and WITHOUT A TRACE was well remastered after all. Wish they also could have done a remaster for 飼育れた春、変われぬ春 (Shiikureta Haru, Kawarenu Haru).

I won't be tagging for the favorite, but for the better well remastered.

Favorite inside: reila, CASSIS, WITHOUT A TRACE, 紅蓮 and 絲.




Nokubura turned to be one of my favorite "playing heavy" bands. Besides some bands actually make, their best album is def with their best in. I would just change the new version from "bullet of skyline" to the Ivy's version.

Favorite inside: ALL (less the new version of "bullet in skyline").


6. vistlip - BitterSweet


I like vistlip since SINDRA got released, since this day was a love relation with those guys and their music. When the time came with more and more releases, I become even more interest to think if they would be able to make a 10th and go even futher. They just celebrate this mark in 2017, making a wonderful release with what I believe to have the kind of music path a follow more for them.

Favorite inside: WIMP, Walking Dead, MONOGRAM, BLACK BOX, 星一つ灯らないこんな夜に。, CONTRAST, BABEL and COLD CASE.


7. Purple Stone - 赤と青


The 7th position goes to one of my most interest/addicted bands. Also being a best album, the album is no doubt a good start for those who wants to give the boys a try. Songs like ミラーボール (Mirror Ball), デサバ (Desaba), sakura and Imperial Dragon are their newest into this release, also seems to follow a new direction ito how their others songs on it are. Bringing up some really interesting japanese's traditional music fusing with their original good style.

Favorite inside: ALL (less 素晴らしきこの世界へ and 嘘つきピエロ)


8. 己龍 - 二〇〇七~二〇一七 (2007-2017)


Along with 和楽器バンド, 己龍 is probably the band that was more succesful into pleases with the mix of traditional japanese instruments and rock music. Their best album is not a a totally let down, songs were way better than some older, but I think they had a lack into remastering 悦ト鬱 but still a song without doubt.

Favorite inside: 泡沫, 彩, 悦ト鬱, 灯, 天照, 月下美人, 九尾, 花魁譚, 叫声, 雨夜ニ笑エバ, 愛怨忌焔, 明鏡止水, 月ノ姫, アカイミハジケタ, 私ハ傀儡、猿轡ノ人形


9. MUCC - 殺シノ調べII


After so many good releases from MUCC in 2017, I couldn't be missing this one here, it surely has it's potential. This shinning cover is also fabulous.

Favorite inside: 茫然自失, 儚くとも, 流星, Mr. Liar, ファズ and 翼を下さい




Can't say if this is their best album, cos I didn't follow them so close, but I know this album have what I like the most in quality from them. Flower of life still grows as my best song from them.

Favorite inside: Flower of life, Romancé, きれいな海へ, keep me keep me keep me, Xeno, dysphoria (Before Today version), Misstopia, human flow (dip cover), バースデイ, 今日も生きたね.

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Wow, I didn't realize so many best of albums were released last year! O_O 


I'm so happy you liked 新葬ラ謳 and 殺シノ調べII. I also enjoyed Shin, Lynch., and Dezert releases you listed too. 

I somehow missed all news about 甘い暴力 so I will have to check them out now.

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19 hours ago, yakihiko said:

9. MUCC - 殺シノ調べII


After so many good releases from MUCC in 2017, I couldn't be missing this one here, it surely has it's potential. This shinning cover is also fabulous.

Favorite inside: 茫然自失, 儚くとも, 流星, Mr. Liar, ファズ and 翼を下さい


That cover is damn shiny and kinda holographic and the album comes with a random member photo card.. reminded me of k-pop so much I felt triggered XD. Also yes to 茫然自失 in any version <3.

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I just realize it when creating the list lol

甘い暴力 has all of their songs on yt, which is really cool.



Yes, I think I got stunned by all the beautiful three covers albums. Koroshi no Shirabe, for those effects you just mentioned, for the green shinning line which draws Shin Homura, and the Blood effect for Shin Tsuuzetsu. The guys should make more like those.

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