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Legal Manga reading brought to you by MangaHelpers!

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Thanks to the support of many fans, MangaHelpers were able to team up with a major Japanese publisher named amucomi. That has agreed to let MangaHelpers help localize and publish their titles. MangaHelpers  been involved the entire process. From localization, to marketing to getting the manga on various platforms.
All on the legal way, and all digital, each release will be published as an e-book on Amazon and other platforms.  

MangaHelpers  also partnered up with GlobalComix who also helped MangaHelpers. Without their help, MangaHelpers  wouldn't be where it is now.

GlobalComix  created an incredible new web service and MangaHelpers using this opportunity to help kick it off. 

MangaHelpers told amucomi that there's a need for professionally localized content.
Content where those involved get paid - and it's no longer, just by fans. But fans with benefits .
And right now amucomi take's a chance to trust MangaHelpers 

You can find more about this project in this news post
You can find the new forum featuring the manga we've already localized.

Read this thread to find out how you can help! 

Unlock more free manga by helping share / like the manga found here too.


Published series so far:

[BoysLove 12+] My Childhood Friend... with Benefits!

[Shojo 12+] The Love Lesson's in Session

[Shojo 12+] Tonight My Sister and I...

[BoysLove 12+] Mr. Sakashita's Tough Love

[Shojo 12+] Age 31 - First Boyfriend

[Shojo 12+] It All Started with a Sexy Interview

[Shojo 12+] 3LoveDK - Immoral Roommates

[Shounen 12+] Death Game ~The Captive 24~

Kiss and Oby

I love you Bye-Bye

A Love To Change me

You're a liar sir

A childhood friend doesn't hold back

I’ll Keep Your Secret (I won't tell anyone)

My First Time With A Guy

After School Kunoichi

The Beast Prince and the Risky Prince


Series can be bought at Amazon.com and be paid read at GlobalComix. 
(If you don't live in the USA/Germany/Japan) (countries who don't support Amazon global) You should change your country to the USA or something. Then you can purchase with no worries ebooks/manga on amazon

If you have bought one of the series, please write a review on Amazon if you are able to do so. 





























However do people here read "legal" manga e-books? 

I never purchased one myself, I'm still more of, I want to hold the manga in my hands. 



Buy on Amazon

My Childhood Friend... with Benefits!  (Complete)

Vol.1Vol. 2 

The Love Lesson's in Session (Complete)

Vol.1Vol. 2 |  Vol.3 |  Vol. 4 

Tonight My Sister and I...  (Complete)
| Vol.1Vol. 2 |  Vol.3 |  Vol. 4 |  Vol.5 |  Vol. 6 | Vol.7 |  Vol. 8 |  Vol.9 

Mr. Sakashita's Tough Love  (Complete)

Vol.1Vol. 2 

Age 31 - First Boyfriend (Completed)

Vol.1Vol. 2 |  Vol.3 |  Vol. 4 |  Vol.5 | Vol.6 | Vol.7 | Vol.8

It All Started with a Sexy Interview (completed)

Vol.1Vol. 2 |  Vol.3 |  Vol. 4 | Vol.5 | Vol.6 | Vol. 7 | Vol.8 | Vol.9 | Vol.10 

3LoveDK - Immoral Roommates (Completed?)

Vol.1Vol. 2 |  Vol.3 |  Vol. 4 |  Vol.5 |  Vol. 6  | Vol.7 | Vol.8 | Vol.9 | Vol.10 | Vol.11 | Vol. 12 | Vol. 13 | Vol. 14 | Vol. 15 | Vol. 16 | Vol. 17 | Vol. 18 | Vol. 19


Death Game ~The Captive 24~ (Complete)
Vol.1 | Vol.2 



Kiss And Obey (ONE-SHOT)

Vol. 1 

Kiss And Obey 2 (ONESHOT)

Vol. 1


I love you Bye-Bye

Vol. 1 | Vol.2 | Vol.3 | Vol.4 | Vol.5 | Vol.6 


You are a liar sir (Completed)

Vol. 1 | Vol.2 | Vol.3 | Vol.4 | Vol.5 


A love to change me (Completed)

Vol. 1 | Vol.2 | Vol.3


A childhood friend doesn't hold back (Completed)

Vol.1 | Vol 2 | Vol 3 | Vol. 4 | Vol. 5


I’ll Keep Your Secret (I won't tell anyone) (Completed)

vol1 | vol2 | vol3 | vol4 | Vol. 5 | Vol. 6


My First Time With A Guy (Boylove!)

Vol.1 | Vol 2


After School Kunoichi

Vol.1 | Vol 2


The Beast Prince and the Risky Prince

Vol.1 | Vol 2

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Their titles aren't my kind of thing but it's always good when you can legally get manga brought over to Western audiences. 

I also usually buy my manga in physical copies, but now that I'm avoiding carrying heavy bags maybe it's time to think about digital stuff. 

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I myself have read more chapters of Age 31 - First Boyfriend  (Until Chapter 7) (I typeset the manga)

And I must say the story does grow and it's pretty cute to see the mind trouble of [Is it okay to love a much younger guy?!]

If you are more from the romantic manga only. (so without S*X) it's definitely a manga you should read. 

I would give this oneshot manga a 4/10. I would buy a physically copy. 

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AGE 31 Chapter 7+8 available now on amazon (as vol.4)

Chapter 9+10 will be surely delayed, the translator seems to be busy. 


Also hopefully soon the new title I've been working on a while ago. Which is more ala DOUBT and JUDGE. 

Also available 

Tonight My Sister and I.. Vol.7

Tonight My Sister and I.. Vol.8

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A brand new series has been added! a oneshot (split in 2 volumes on amazon)

I've typeset this manga, also have done the English cover logo.


I really recommend this if you love DOUBT or JUDGE kind of manga. 
Much blood, characters die, and a good end. 




Topic on mangahelpers HERE


"You will be playing a game of death!"
You awaken a captive in a sealed room after being abducted suddenly from in front of a row of coin-operated lockers!! There's a weird ring attached to your wrist containing a deadly poison which is used to force you to participate in a game of death.... The rules are based on the children's game Tag, with the winner being rewarded and the loser losing more than just the game. A bloody battle is about to take place!!
An ordinary college student known as Hashiba Touma finds himself trapped in a room with Tsuji Ken'ichi -- a kindly office worker -- and the level-headed young woman known as Mizuki... and they're forced to fight for their chance to survive!! How can they manage to survive when they must deal with not only whoever's 'It,' but also other competitors who've given in to their murderous desires at every corner...?!








Total Pages: 150
Status: Finished (No longer serialized)
Genre: Shonen






Edited by BrenGun

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3 NEW shojo/josei series available!

As so far, no seinen or shonen manga anytime soon available. 
A few more NEW shojo/josei series will come this September/October. 




For the purchase link please check the first post!






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A scruffy-looking art teacher who everyone believes is absolutely still a virgin... is actually an extremely handsome guy with a sadistic streak?! He’s the only man who’s ever snuffed the advances of the truly devilish high school girl Ichika who thinks that all men are easy marks. His name is Mr. Hazama (or as Ichika calls him, the scrufflord). In a bout of pure anger, Ichika proclaims that she is going to make him fall for her, and she gleefully puts her plans in motion to make the target of her irritation love her. But... as she gets closer and sees him without his glasses on she finds out he’s actually handsome?! And then when she asks him why he’s disguising himself, Mr. Hazama shoves her onto the bed... and he starts acting like a completely different person?! Now that she knows his secret, Ichika finds herself falling for him...


Buy at Amazon (COMPLETED!!)








"I don't think of us as just childhood friends. "What do you do when you wake up half-naked... next to a childhood friend?! Himari's always yearned for a real true love, but she's always finding her efforts blocked because everyone thinks her childhood friend Aoto who's ALWAYS hanging around her is actually her boyfriend. One day, she wakes up after drinking WAY too much at a mixer while trying to find the boyfriend of her dreams... only to find herself in a hotel wearing only her underwear and lying next to a half-naked Aoto?! "Hold on a minute... Don't tell me Aoto and I... did it?!" He's so childish and unreliable, so for Himari to feel her heart race when seeing him as a man for the first time just seems... totally unexpected! Can childhood friends really fall in love...?








Edited by BrenGun
new chapters available!

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Nohara Kana's been a biology teacher at high school for 4 years, but 6 months ago she started coming to school with a letter of resignation in her purse every single day... One day, she happens to catch her new transfer student named Ohno sneaking a kiss in the corner of the biology lab with a girl from a different class. Kana scolds him, but he simply responds with, "I'm dropping out." Kana can't help but shout back at him in anger that she actually wants to quit as well!! ... then realizes what she just said and flees the scene, not noticing that her letter of resignation had fallen out of her bag... Later that night, Ohno shows up at Kana's house with the letter of resignation in hand, but demands that she let him stay at her place and that he'll go to school if she does... but also that he'll sue her for sexual harassment if she resigns?! And so begins our story of an overly serious lady teacher, a troubled student, and their dangerous new living situation!











"I've never had sex with a guy before, but this actually feels... really good!" My name is Shinano, and I'm a university student with many, many friends of the opposite sex. I end up at a German Club meetup trying to find myself some new numbers for my phone when I notice a super straight-laced older guy who's not really fitting in. My curiosity's peaked so I strike up a conversation only to find myself... drawn to him for some reason? His voice, his style, his smile... well, guess I'm taking him home with me tonight!! "Well, this is actually... super tight." It's both of our first times having sex with another guy, but he's... so sexy and adorable at the same time?! I've slept with so many girls before, but I've never had chemistry with one of them like this before. But then when I wake up in the morning... he's gone?! I don't even know his real name! How am I supposed to see him (and hopefully have sex with him) again...?!


vol1 Buy

Vol2 BUY

Edited by BrenGun
new chapters available!

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Not yet new chapters or series are available, we really got delayed,

However a few new series will be available next month as well a bunch of chapters of the ongoing series.

Then I also will update the first post! (^o^) so will be around mid February.


In the mean while,

Please check out: I won't tell Anyone and You're a Liar Sir! Links can be found in my signature or in posts here above. 

Also I stell recommend Death Game! It's a real good manga! 



our team need a PROOF READER, someone who's Japanese and English is pro-level, of course you get paid, if you are interested, please DM me. 

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New series!




"You want to get close to me? Does that mean I can do you?"Now that she's gotten in close with her target, he's filled with lust for her...?!Kozue is a 16-year-old apprentice ninja. She's ordered to infiltrate a high school as a transfer student to eliminate a target who attends it known as Mikage Hokujou. He's tough, and quite popular with the ladies, but she manages to get close and makes him drink poison. Mission complete!Or so she thought! She'd actually made him drink a love potion! Overcome with an irresistible lust, Mikage shoves Kozue to the ground and... well, you think she's actually going to be able to complete her mission...?!






Kanade has just moved from the countryside to the big city and starting her first year of high school.Supposedly, this school has two massive hunks that all the girls just adore. One is the President of the school council who is the full package of - brains and looks - that just so happens to be the son of the school's chairman. Sakura Ichijo, a perfect prince. The other is quite selfish and only interested in doing whatever it is he feels like doing. Haruto, the young punk.


Buy at amazon


















!! We are delayed again, so there will be "NO NEXT MONTH" amazon delivery. 

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I've updated the first post with all purchase links!

Still it will take a while until I hear if the series who are still missing chapters will continue (soon).

The series I've been working on are pretty much finished, only 1 series still needs proof reading and quality check of the last 4 chapters. So I guess the serie will be continue when it's possible again.  


In the meanwhile, I hope you guys still support us!


For all series I also created the English title logo! 


The series I've worked on are:


Age 31: First Boyfriend (Completed) 

100% recommend for woman over 20+ years old! 

Highly recommend if you look for a manga about love and more real thoughts around it! 
I totally loved to have worked on this one, the story is so sweet and very much more thoughtful than manga who are created for youngsters.  




Death Game~the captive 24~ (Completed)

Sadly not many people bought this manga, however it's really a perfect mind f*ck manga. 

If you like Judge and Doubt you totally will love this one!




A Love to Change Me (Completed)
Just a typical shoujo manga, I enjoyed to read it! the end is funny. 




You are a liar, sir (Completed)

Love between student and Teacher, a very easy going story, with some nice happenings! Recommend!




I’ll Keep Your Secret (I won't tell anyone...)

Also love between teacher and student, forbidden love! Very sweet story. Also recommend!
Sadly this serie is still not completed on amazon! hopefully the last 4 chapters will still be available this year!




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