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Legal Manga reading brought to you by MangaHelpers!

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Thanks to the support of many fans, MangaHelpers were able to team up with a major Japanese publisher named amucomi. That has agreed to let MangaHelpers help localize and publish their titles. MangaHelpers  been involved the entire process. From localization, to marketing to getting the manga on various platforms.
All on the legal way, and all digital, each release will be published as an e-book on Amazon and other platforms.  

MangaHelpers  also partnered up with GlobalComix who also helped MangaHelpers. Without their help, MangaHelpers  wouldn't be where it is now.

GlobalComix  created an incredible new web service and MangaHelpers using this opportunity to help kick it off. 

MangaHelpers told amucomi that there's a need for professionally localized content.
Content where those involved get paid - and it's no longer, just by fans. But fans with benefits .
And right now amucomi take's a chance to trust MangaHelpers 

You can find more about this project in this news post
You can find the new forum featuring the manga we've already localized.

Read this thread to find out how you can help! 

Unlock more free manga by helping share / like the manga found here too.

Published series so far:

[BoysLove] My Childhood Friend... with Benefits!

[Shojo] The Love Lesson's in Session

[Shojo] Tonight My Sister and I...

[BoysLove] Mr. Sakashita's Tough Love


Series can be bought at Amazon and be paid read at GlobalComix. 






However do people here read "legal" manga e-books? 

I never purchased one myself, I'm still more of, I want to hold the manga in my hands. 

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Their titles aren't my kind of thing but it's always good when you can legally get manga brought over to Western audiences. 

I also usually buy my manga in physical copies, but now that I'm avoiding carrying heavy bags maybe it's time to think about digital stuff. 

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