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The General WTB Thread

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On 10/14/2018 at 2:46 AM, Axius said:

Want to buy any of the following:




black gene for the next scene


delacriox (re:do album only)

Codomo Dragon

Dio Distruaght Overlord






Hey, I have some Mejibray cheki I'm selling, just Meto an MiA ones.

If you're interested, just let me know ^^

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Hey everyone ☺️


I'm currently looking for chekis from the following bands:


- arlequin


- kizu

- Verxina

- Sarigia

- Grieva

- awoi



No specific members, if you can offer something, please send me a PM 😍

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Trying this out, too! I am looking to complete my collection ~

I mainly missed out on live distributed stuff. 😿

Also looking for any other Aiolin stuff, I got most of their stuff, but if someone going to see them live or wants to get rid of stuff, I'm your girl!



- Stargazer 
- the Daybreak


- an:re, shadow mist 


- From Here Comment CD (with Envy on it) 
- Acoustic Night Vol. 2 (Masaya Christmas Collab, Christmas Quartet) 
- Over the Destiny Free Live Promo CD VIP &  Over the Destiny Free Live Promo CD 
- Scarlet Valse x Aiolin Classical Creation
- Garaks Collab Sea Ghost
- Message (12/9/19 Free Live CD) 

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