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@LGOS. loses contact with support Ba.璋 (tamaki)

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@LGOS. has lost contact with support Ba.璋 (tamaki) since January 5. 


From what I can decipher here via google translate, they had initially considered adding her as an official member of the band, but after she seemingly ran off (her twitter also hasn't been updated since the 5th), it appears the band has rescinded their decision. Their finances are also mentioned, but I can't really understand it. Any corrections are welcome.


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Maybe she was watching/reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure before that one

(bad jk)


on topic: shit, this band has gone through a hell of lineup changes

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lmao they roasted her ass, brb with a translation

edit: tbh i have no idea why they don't just fire her, except maybe that they're afraid she really will cut and run unless they keep the offer out there


Thank you for your continued support of @LGOS.
We made a notice about support bassist Tamaki on January 6th, but we heard voices of concern from fans. We will make a report on the current situation.

Members have given her advances on fees due to frequent financial mismanagement by Tamaki. She has often appeared at live shows without attending practices, and we have been unable to get in contact with her many times.

After discussions, in order to regain trust, we will carry out activities with Tamaki going from official member to support bassist.

We had contact with her up until the early morning of January 5th, but on the day of our show on January 6th, we waited as long as possible until the performance but we still haven't been able to get in touch with her.

However we have found information that Tamaki is working in high spirits, drinking and enjoying herself, so it is believed that she is healthy and has at least the bare minimum amount of money needed to get by.

As she has all of the money lent to her by the members as well as the sales from goods, and she is in possession of instruments lent to her, we'd like for her to draw the line here.
As we cannot contact her, if any of you know her we would like to hear from you.

We are very sorry to make a report that may cause shame to those close to her. Please understand that until now, we had taken her privacy into consideration and reported only the bare minimum, but since so many of you showed concerned, we have decided to make the report you see here.

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