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[ARTIST] スネメガマフィー (Sunamegamafy)

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Vocal: Tomo 

(ex. Japanese Babies) 

(ex. 4marble colors)


Guitar Toru

(ex. タルタル(Tarutaru)BRAIN)

(ex. セロニアス(Seroniasu))


Bass: Ken

(ex. Calmando Qual) 



Drums: Kyoushi 

(ex. nil) 


2015/xx/xx | スネメガマフィー | single
2017/08/13 | スネメガマフィー | mini album



2013/12, After Tomo ended his last band (4marble colors) he and kenka talked about starting a new band. And so Toru and Kyoushi also joined and Sunamegamafi was born.
2014/04 from that date the band started to rehearsing and at 6/28 the band did hold their first live at Shin Koenji CLUB LINER. 
2014/11/22: At Nishi Ogikubo FRIDAY the band holded their first ONEMAN show.

2015/04/18 1st Maxi single release at ikebukuro chop

2015/10/24  at Shin Koenji CLUB LINER, the band did hold their  first self-organized event [魂 、心 、人 、結ぶ]

2017/08/13 Yotsuya OUTBRAKE  1st mini album release. 


Official Facebook







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Which made me think "huh?, I didn't saw this band in 2014?!" So last year in 2017 it was my first time seeing them?! I thought I saw them in 2014. But their first gig was after I already was back home from my japan trip that year.  oh lol. will ask Tomo for sure, I don't know why I do remember seeing them. 


Anyway, be sure to check this band out, and I try to update this topic once a while :D 



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