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[REVIEW] 2017 purchases & looking back

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We are in 2018 now, let's look back to 2017. Some of you call it a really bad year, others call it a good year. For myself this year was, GOOD, I guess. I didn't really bought a lot, because I wanted to save money for "JAPAN" and not all bands I do follow released something, or I did continue to follow them. 


There is one new band I liked this year an that is キズ. However I don't like them enough to turn into a fan, but their music was enjoying to listen too. 
Maybe I shall check them out more and again and again? But would they still stay together this year? can they hold their first year?!


The most shocking disbandment announcement of this year was for me ART ELICIA and DEVIZE. 

After Teoh left and I did read the member comments, I really thought they would stay together and that they would turn DEVIZE in a more great band. But I guess feelings of losing Teoh as their bassist, and maybe even some fan feelings made them to this decision?, anyhow it's a pity.

As for ART ELICIA, When they dropped their first single I wasn't impressed at all, it didn't sound that great however after checking their 3rd single on youtube. I really noticed that they turned into a nice band with real good feeling of music. They found their way, but sadly they decided to stop. 

Of course there are some bigger names who will disband this year or have disbanded last year, but to be honest I was never really interested in those names.   If I would still need to name one then I would pour out MEJIBRAY, since they still pulled out a nice sound, even if I did lose all my interest for them. 


Also E.T new album "DO NOT BELONG TO ANYTHING"  (2017/11/08), pretty much disappointed me a lot. While Hiro(vocalist) has a beautiful voice, he totally messed it up to change his voice into a strange annoying electronic shit voice, which made most songs not listen able for me.  However  I guess their songs do rock live, But I didn't saw them in 2017, so I can't say it. And it really did disappointed me a lot, since I really was looking for their new ALBUM. 


DEVILOOF also has surprised me. Their album wasn't that bad at all but also not good. Songs are simply too long and get boring after 3 minutes. (I know many disagree with that) Still I could notice that this band is growing and getting better. Hopefully they will drop a new release this year too. 


Any other band/ releases didn't stuck in my mind for now;


However let's take a look to the 2017 releases which I've bought.


[SS] single
[M] mini album


2017/01/18- DEVIZE - [SS]『CORE』-Worship-  http://devize.jp

DEVIZE made me happy to start the year with this strong single, I also guess they really did hit my attention wit this release. After this release I didn't want them to break up anytime soon, because they play a style of music you don't really hear in the visual kei world. 


2017.02.08- [SS] ユメリープ - どりーむまたーhttps://twitter.com/yumeleep

Yume Sleep, actually they do hit my taste, I totally played this single a lot of times, but somehow I didn't care to buy more of them. I could easy when I was in Japan. But I didn't, I also should say that I didn't even listen to their other releases at all. Which I still have no clue why. Since they are good. 


2017/02/20-[M] THE NOSTRADAMNZ - Tokyo e.p. https://twitter.com/TheNostradamnz

THE NOSTRADAMNZ - How did this release sound?, I remember no worries, I only lost interest in this band. Still this release rocks and I did listen to it a lot.


2017/04/25-[A] NEXTRADE - Revival (2nd press) http://nextrade-web.com/

This release you cannot find on youtube, however it's an collection of their "live distributed" singles and a brand new song. I already do own the first press, and this one will arrive tomorrow. However also this 2nd press has been sold out now, I got the last copy   And it's the NEXTRADE how I know them from the beginning. So it's something nice to keep, since yes, the guys have changed their sound and look completely.  


2017.05.03- 麗麗 -[SS] 「N・G・Y」 http://reirei.nagoya

REIREI, I'm glad this band returned fully back in the picture. They call themselves the best band of "NAGOYA". And they are really proud of NAGOYA. It's noticeable in their songs, but also in the stuff they tweet about. Also REIREI knows how to create a song, their songs can't never annoy me, and I love to play their songs all day long. 


2017/05/15-[A] THE NOSTRADAMNZ -  It's a small world's end」

Another Nostradamnz released, this time their first album, there are also some older tracks on it, but every song is remastered. The guys really pull out a great album. 
The album is still available at itunes and free to listen on spotify.


2017/05/17- メリーバッドエンド - [SS] 「君が世は」& 「kiss me, girl, and your old one」http://merrybadend.com

Merry Badend always puts out something you await and love at the very first moment.  I really do like the elements they use and it's also a band which vocalist doesn't sound the same as so many other vocalists.  It still surprises me that almost nobody here do care for them.  Since this single isn't shared here at all. Are they really that bad?


2017/05/22-[M] AnimA - Letter

A free release, I did got it in my hands at Ikebukuro Cyber at 9/10 from the vocalist. He was like here please listen. After seeing them, I thought, mm.. this cd can't be good, well let's try it. After listing to it, I really thought, damn it's amazing. On stage they are really boring. Their songs just don't can catch my attention, but on CD I got a complete different feeling. I still hope this band will stay alive for a bit longer, since their music is listenable. (Also live listenable)




I believe I only did listen 1 time to this release. ROSEMADDER is a nice visual band with a female vocalist. Also more a "CD" band than a live band. (from what I see of their LIVE VIDEOS, didn't catch them live yet).  The band has some great artist, Tak as guitarist, Kazuya as drummer and chiro as bass player.  I wonder if there are people interested in them?


2017/07/05-[A] 妖幻鏡 -NAGOYA- vol.1 尾張V系音源集

One of worst V/A albums of 2017. some bands on that album already disbanded or will disband. For me only 3 bands really did put a good song on it. And another band with a nice song totally delivered a transcode on it... (=_=)///  But oh well...


2017/07/28-[SS] DEVIZE - Fallin' Night

Hopefully there will be a band like them in the near future. Also this single sounds amazing. 


2017/08/02-[M] MOLE HiLL - 普通でいいこと?

MOLE HiLL isn't visual kei at all, just a normal poprock from Kyoto. In their early years it was a rock band which much wilder songs and a more rocking look. But still this band know how to deliver a nice poprock song, it's nice for the mind when not in the mood in some wild crazy rock or metal. 


2017/08/03-[SS] LIM - BLAZE OF LIFE 

I did grab this one at the brand-x store in ikebukuro. Just because it was for free. I must say it's a nice song. But somehow I don't feel like to follow this band. 


2017/08/10- [SS] THE NOSTRADAMNS - Thrasher & Pressure

I bought both CD's but I still need to listen to it. And I guess I never will listen to it. 


2017/08/13-[M] スネメガマフィー - スネメガマフィー

I still don't really know how to roman this band name, however it's the band where ex-Calmando Qual Kenka plays in now.

If you ever saw them live, you know why this band is so amazing. bass, vocal, guitar... music made with real feeling. 

2017/10/10-[M] SARRMATH - SARRMATH

SARRMATH is the perfect mix between Calmando Qual and Tokami. Hibiki's voice, 1000 drums and writing. the music of this couple fit's perfect. 
But as said, before you only can get this mini album via a proxy or at lives. 


2017/10/11-[D] メリーバッドエンド - 2017/06/24 ONEMAN LIVE 

Merry Badend again, this time with a LIVE DVD, I still do need to receive it. But I'm sure the guys are kick ass on stage. When I got this DVD  I will write a review about it for sure. 



Sadly not a preview of this amazing mini album, but you can get it easy at closet child also most songs are available at youtube in live version  
Highly recommend if you do like Hibiki's voice. 


2017/11/11-[SS] NEXTRADE - Miles Away Zutto

I also still need to receive this single, will get it hopefully tomorrow, 


2017.11.15- [SS] メリーバッドエンド - もう無理。

When I have more time, I surely gonna translate this lyric. I'm really curious about the lyric because of the PV.
The song really sounds nice but also the single rocks totally. I love to play it over and over. 


2017/12/13- DEVIZE - Meaningless
As it's also meaningless to record a MV. Meaningless really is an amazing single. Totally rocking with some lovely Engrish you think what's Japanese 

I can't wait for their last single!

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