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リズ (R's) 

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gt/vo. 緑玉歌留多 (from ロクダマカルタ)
gt. Tak (ex.Calmando qual/dieS)
ba. 時雨 (from RHEDORIC)
dr. 一葉 (from 罰×ゲヰム)








Did anybody did check them up?
I never saw them live, and I also didn't saw any news here on MH?


start was in April 2016 with a different line-up

gt/vo. 緑玉歌留多 (@RoqudamaCarta)
ba. 真 (@shin__bassist)
dr. 純 (@jun_shadowmoon)


then the band did go on a break in September 2016

and came back this year at June (2017)

gt.Tak(ex.Calmando qual @Tak_prs_metal)
ba.真(ex.サリィ @shin__bassist)
dr. 一葉(from 罰×ゲヰム @Xgame_kazuha)
Guitarist and Drummer has been replaced with new members.


and since October ba. 時雨 (from RHEDORIC) has taken the place of ba.真(ex.サリィ @shin__bassist)


also they seem to have a DEMO CD




So, any fans here? 

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