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The Piass

LAVANS/ DatuRΛ-ダチュラ-/ Vagu*Project will participate in the JAPAN EXPO ROCKS

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These three bands (amongst others but they were not "visual kei" so I do not include them) will participate in the JAPAN EXPO ROCKS. The winner will give a concert on the Karasu's stage at Japan Expo 2018 (in early July). It is the public who will say which bands will reach the second and the third round. However, from the fourth round  onwards, it will be professionals who will choose the bands.


There are five rounds :

First : from 2018.01.05 to 2018.01.22

Second : from 2018.02.02 to 2018.02.13

Third : from 2018.02.26 to 2018.02.28

Fourth (semi final) : from 2018.03.27 to 2018.03.29

Fifth : (final) : on 2018.04.22



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