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[HELP] Kyo DEG/sukekiyo question?

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Does anyone know which of Kyo's poetry books came with CDs/music? Other than the first two "Daisanteikoku Gakudan" and  "Furan Shinema Teikoku Gakudan".


I know these two:


August 31, 2001 Jigyaku, Rensō Furan Shinema (自虐、歛葬腐乱シネマ)
Bonus CD: Daisanteikoku Gakudan (第三帝国楽団)

December 3, 2004 Zenryaku, Ogenki Desu ka, Saihate no Chi Yori Namonaki Kimi ni Ai wo Komete... (前略、お元気ですか、最果ての地より名も無き君に愛を込めて・・・)
Bonus CD: Furan Shinema Teikoku Gakudan (腐乱シネマ帝國楽団)


Do you know if any of these came with music?:

June 2013 Shikkaku (失格)

June 2013 for the human race

August 2015 "Gasō no Shi" Jōkan (「我葬の詩」上巻)

April 2016 "Gasō no Shi" Gekan (「我葬の詩」下巻)

April 2017 Aun no Ari (阿吽の蟻)


This is from Kyo's youtube but are  these songs only on youtube? Or do they come with some of these poetry books?




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