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UPDATE: lll-Ligro- album cancelled + will disband

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It was announced on 2017.12.01 at the "Raphaelesque Head Bursting" 時限式:uadjet's sponsored event at EDGE Ikebukuro,  llll-Ligro- restart their activities from today with two new members : Gt. Jesse and Ba. 羽鳳(hao)

They were on hiatus since december 2013.


They will have their oneman 「THE BEGINNING OF THE END」 on 2018.03.04 at EDGE ikebukuro.




Voice. ヒナタ (hinata)

Guitar. kazari

Guitar. Jesse (ex ZeR'0-ゼロ (ジェシー(jecy))

Bass. 羽鳳 (hao) (ex ZeR'0-ゼロ (蓮 (ren))



Renewal OHP :






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damn they changed their sound.

vocal sounds a bit as Gackt, Kamijo, Kaya mix something like that. 

some parts are edited other parts is more his real voice? at least sounds as they tuned up the vocal a bit.


yet its not bad. Lets see what they drop out more ( ・∇・)

looking forward to the restart!

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