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Suji's DoodleZ ヾ(。・ω・。)♥

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Excuse the cringey name; I used to draw a lot when I was a kid, especially in my preteen years when I doodled my "DoodleZ" daily, whether it was on my notebook paper or on my homework. After high school though, my passion started to die down as I lost confidence in myself, even when I took art class in college and got to experience new things such as painting and gridding.


Now, I've had the itch to draw again; it's an ongoing progress, but I'm really eager to draw again, and I want to start that off with vk portraits x) I remember having a lot of fun with those in art class. But I would like to do something bigger and better someday, like maybe do more than just a sketch...by painting it too~ 


But enough of my yammering, I'm here to post some doodles that I've done before, or have done recently.


Kyouki (Grieva) (2014)

I would like to finish this one :o




Sui/Misery/Yushi (Megaromania/Lin) (2014)

*Outlined with sharpie, so it looks shitty



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