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Hey! I don't think of this like an introduction, since I've been here since the forum was called Tainted World with Champ213 and a lot of other guys that I don't remember their names anymore lol. Anyway, I actually stopped listening to japanese music in general around 2009, since I started college and needed to expand my music universe. Last year I started reminiscing a lot of memories after I came across some old songs, so I started listening japanese bands again, and omg I missed it haha. I've been checking on the forum for the last year but didn't really had the time to participate in it but I think I can now.


My favourite bands are mostly from the 90's and mid 00's, and I think there has been a notorious change in music since 2007-08 that really turned me off, so now I mostly follow Kiryu, lynch., DEZERT and Uverworld, but I'm really open to try new things.


TL;DR: I have been here for a long time but left and now I'm returning to VK/Jrock, trying to recover the lost time and maybe contribute to the forum however I can.


Not that anyone cares about this but is nice to be back.

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A bunch has happened since 2009, both in VK, and Japanese Music in general.

I hope you are enjoying your time catching up on MH, and we will surely appreciate any contribution to the forum you can provide.

I myself also enjoy 90's/00's VK, but there have been some stellar releases in the last few years worth noting for sure.

Make some new friends if you haven't already, and check out our featured posts for the latest releases and recommendations.


Welcome back!

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Hey (⌒‐⌒)/

I just saw that you like DEZERT so I wanted to introduce myself and say "Hi"

I'm totally into DEZERT and I also really, really like Kiryu!

Alex (⌒‐⌒)♪


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