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The Piass

アルファリア (Alphalia) first single 『アマリリス』 release

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TYPE A (2160yen) will include CD (2 songs) + DVD including "アマリリス" (Amaryllis) PV

TYPE B (1620yen) will include CD (3 songs) only


[CD tracklist]

1.アマリリス (Amaryllis)
2.Drop OUT

3.Blue sky [TYPE B only]


It will be distribueted by Planet CHILD Music

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single seems to be distributed as legal download, spotify, itunes etc.



mu-mo 1/24~配信

レコチョク 1/24~配信

OTOTOY 1/10~配信

Rakuten Music 1/10~配信

Spotify 1/10~配信

KKBOX 1/10~配信

AWA 1/10~配信

Google Play ミュージック 1/10~配信

Amazonデジタルミュージック 1/10~配信

Amazon Prime Music 1/10~配信

Amazon Music Unlimited(JP) 1/10~配信

Apple Music 1/10~配信

iTunes Music Store 1/10~配信





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