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[REVIEW] DEVILOOF - Devil's Proof

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A band which get's more and more popular, finally they dropped their first album, let's take a listen en check out if the band did grow or that this release is also a waste of money and a pain in the ears.


1.Devil’s Proof 
It's an SE, just an nice intro, which actually gives a much amazing feeling than most of the songs on this album.

2.ESCAPE :3.0:

The thing I don't like at ESCAPE is the clean singing, also that part, if you listen to the drums, it's just smashing the drum on a pretty worse boring way. 
Also the high pitch voice in this song I think it's kinda not really need. But what I also don't really like is that BASS and DRUM doesn't really fit each other. 

a song which is 4:24 I also think it's a bit too long, for me it get a bit of boring after 2 minutes. and the short wtf solo after kinda 3minues. is somehow... yes WTF. But sounded nice tho.

3.Natural Born Killer :3.0:

high on screaming, I on't mean pig scream, just the high metal scream. It's nicely done also the more dark growling. It really fits it.
But once again, somehow I do not really get into the drumming beat. 

Yet, the guitar part is nicely but the bass falls a bit in behind.  


4.Return of the Curse :3.0:

This song is a pretty typical visual kei song actually. grunting is fine, the switch between more clean up singing and grunting is also good.
However it's not a song which fits in my personal taste. But it's good. 


This is more a rock than a real metal song. Also it's totally different from the above songs. 

Somehow this song also sounds a bit familiar, not sure where I did hear some parts of this song. (100% that WOW part, maybe loudness vibe?)

this song is 4:35 and sometimes its a bit as you listen to 2 different songs in one.  so a shorter version would have done it maybe better?


6.Lover :1.5:
Another long song 4:10 also a bit too long for this type of song. it has nice parts but the end simply sounds not that good anymore as the first minutes of this song.

Also this song really let me think of "E.T". 


7.InCipit-Instrumental- :1.0:

An instrumental song?! of 4:11! which only gives this album 9 full songs. 

while listen to this song, it also reminds me of some other songs, which I can't name out of my head. But guitar parts don't really are amazing and the drums well, could also be more amazing in a fully instrumental song?

Wouldn't mind if they didn't put this one on the album.


8.EGOIST :2.5:

It's far not bad, but somehow it also sounds a bit as a mess, also the random fast guitar solo... the heavy beat which isn't that heavy. Don't know.

It doesn't leave a memory after playing it. 


9.M.F.JAP :1.5:

worse lyric, melody isn't that bad does fit the way of singing very good. but it sounds more hiphop metal while other songs sounded much different. 
If the lyric was more nice I would have rate it better. also after 1½ min I did skip the songs.

10.怠惰の罪 :3.0:

It's a nice one,  but I still do miss the beat which let me headbang.  but the more slow (clean) singing totally annoyed me, but beside that the melody is alright. 

11.HERO=MURDER :3.5:

Last song, also their best song. crazy heavy headbang level is still low, but yet possible. It's a nice one!



After all it's not an album which I would purchase for the original price, the album doesn't let me headbang or going crazy on their melody, I miss some real beat between the bass and drums. Yet Keisuke vocal is listenable it's not annoying. With this album they at least proof that they could create something which (many) people can enjoy. At least I can listen to it, without thinking that it is pure shit. It's long not perfect but I believe that DEVILOOF can grow at least I really hope that they can really let me headbang next time. After all whatever METAL it is, I should be able to headbang on it and not just stand and give only a little "yes". 

Also the songs on the album variate too much from each other. releasing them as 2~3 tracks each or just one by one. would have done it too. 

But yes DEVILOOF did do a good job, this time they didn't release a shame. keep going guys. 

However they didn't turn me into a fan. (not yet)

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