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Anima Kurayami

† One year later †

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As the title suggests, it took me 1 year to present myself, but here I am!
Nice to (officially) meet you all, I'll try to talk about myself in a quick and clear way so nobody don't get slammed by tons of text, haha.


I'm French. I've listened and adopted the Visual Kei style for 13 years now. Although I admit being "old kei", I do my best to listen to new bands/artists to not miss those who might be interesting.

If I had to give you a top 3 of my favorite artists, I'd say Mana-sama (MALICE MAIZER/Moi dix Mois), ASAGI (D) and KAMIJO (LAREINE/Versailles).


I'm a Visual Kei/J-Rock model since 2015. I started during the Tokyo Collection of the same year for the Japanese brand Tenbo.
I've also been a freelance scenarist for 10 years. It's unnecessary to tell you that Japan has been my biggest passion since my tender age.


You'll find my artist page here. News are incoming. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions, to give me your impressions or your opinions!

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A wild lurker has been spotted! Lol.

Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to post an introduction about yourself, as we always like to read what kind of fans of Visual Kei we have here on the forum.


I'm a fan of the oldies myself, and there are plenty of other members that you will come across that are just as big a fan as we are, if you haven't already met them, of course.

Keep enjoying what we have to offer here, and don't forget that you can ask any one of us staff in Red or Blue regarding any questions you may have.


Talk to you later upon your next wild appearance I suppose lol.



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