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Recommended Tracks: October 2017

Featured New Tracks Poll: October 2017  

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  1. 1. Which tracks did you like from our selection this month?

    • "PM5:00" by ラッコ
    • "お邪魔します" by まみれた
    • "朧月夜" by 己龍
    • "管" by umbrella
    • "Snow the Dark" by Spook Jack
    • "ニヤ" by Large House Satisfaction
    • "蛙-Kawazu-" by キズ (Kizu)
    • "愚かしい竜の夢 " by D

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Better late than never! Here's the newest batch of recommended tracks from the amazing ORZ team! 


Check them out and let us know what you think! :3

@tetsu_sama69's Pick

"PM:500" by ラッコ(LACK-CO.)


I really don't know why it is that LACK-CO.'s ballads always seem to hit me in the right spot. "PM5:00"  is definitely a track to be noted (if you can look past their drummer's current visual style) with its strange power ballad styling. It's very easy to get swept away by the tidal wave of guilt and depression, leaving you stranded in a sea of psychosis emitted perfectly though tenten's vocals and the bands messy but perfect instrumentals. Granted the rap segment of the track seems very awkward but it fits for me since it feels more like the ramblings of a man questioning his choices in life. Unfortunately, since I am not fluent in Japanese, I can't translate what is being said, only what is being musically expressed and LACK-CO. definitely know how to compose a robust track that can't be categorized as something "stereotypical". I really look forward to the release of their first album 『弱肉教職』 (Jakuniku Kyoushoku) , as it's hard to predict how it's going to end up. But if it's spiced up with a track like "PM5:00", then it's sure to land a place on this year's favorites list.


@helcchi's Pick

"お邪魔します" (Ojamashimasu) by まみれた (mamireta)


Mamireta have brainwashed me. This song is a drug. From the unnerving yet catchy door-knocking, to the deliriously hypnotic opening riff, to the disturbing lyrical and visual themes, “Ojamashimasu” is the intoxicating psycho fix that VK has been thirsting for. This band is so shameless in expressing their corrupt morals, and so unhinged in their mannerisms, you can't help but feel like many years of lunacy have been packed into the unit's short lifespan. Laden with fast talking featuring the ramblings of a madman, the eccentric vocal delivery adds to the song's intrigue, as this trope is so steeped in VK tradition.
Whilst a passionate chorus cuts through the repetitive rhythm that has pervaded through almost half the song, it quickly spirals into a fast-paced whir of pure neuroticism, leading back into the unnerving yet catchy door-knocking that started it all.
I've lost count of how many synonyms for “crazy” I've already used in writing this, but did I mention that this band is crazy?
Let Mamireta “ojamashimasu” into your head.


@emmny's Pick

"朧月夜 (Oborozukiyo)" by 己龍 (Kiryu)


Kiryu have passed 10 years together as a band, a massive milestone for any band, let alone a visual kei band. To celebrate they're...throwing it back to 1997? It's no surprise that Kiryu have an old school influence, especially as the band members have been active since the early 2000's. They're just very good at infusing it into trendy structures with their loud traditional instrumentation. I, however, live for the moments in their dark tracks when they really let loose and wear some blood on their sleeves *wink*. "Oborozukiyo" is three minutes and thirty seconds of kote-kei styled mayhem, melodrama, guts, gore; it's so indulgent and obvious a throwback that it feels like an inside joke between the band and their older fans, with the youth at the butt of the joke. Of course, all parties are in gleeful, head snapping, harakiri'd joy. Mahiro's vocal gymnastics recall the tortured voices of the late 90's, but with an amazingly melodic chorus to match the growls and grunts (all on pitch by the way, eat your heart out Matina and Soleil). The trebly, pitch-harmonic laden guitar lines paired with frequent gyakudai-style rhythm shifts disorient the listener, creating an air of chaotic noise. The track is a throwback, but not a copy in anyway-  a representation fitting of an intelligent band who have grown from the scene and still know how to extract every bit of theatric gold from a sound long forgotten, keeping it fresh 20 or so years later in 2017.


@plastic_rainbow's Picks

"管" (Kan) by umbrella


umbrella is a band that I regrettably have not paid much attention to until recently. I don't know what I was thinking at the time, but I've finally realized the greatness of their soft and melodic rock sound, plus their heartbreaking and soothing ballads are to die for. "Kan" sits as one of those beautiful tracks but takes it up another level. The beginning feels cinematic with the playing strings until a steady drum line and lovely guitar walk in. Yui's comforting vocals both sing like a slow heartbeat and an ocean wave that clashes against a rock gently; the perfect balance of softness and passion put into a ballad. Although umbrella may fall short because of their messier production, especially in their early days, they deserve much more love than they already do. I mean, if those mellow guitars don't tug at your heart strings then you must be on crack.


"Snow the Dark" by Spook Jack


Not being a fan of The Candy Spooky Theater, this new solo project of their vocalist Spook Jack (aka Jack Spooky) took me by surprise. While Spook Jack continues to portray his 'spooky' character, his solo work is not the usual fun spoopy-Halloween trope that The Candy Spooky Theater was. Instead, it's downright gothic and dark industrial. Apparently, Full (ex. Guniw Tools, Nookicky, Shilfee and Tulipcorobockles) collaborated with his solo project and although it's not certain how much he was involved in producing the music, some Nookicky influences can be heard. The slow tempo, the ghostly ethereal singing, the use of pianos and harmonious noises in "Snow the Dark" all make up the sound of Nookicky. However, being much darker, the track opens with a haunting industrial vibe, setting a gothic and bone-chilling atmosphere. Spook Jack's ethereal vocals tinged with a gloominess works wonderfully and reveals how mesmerizing his voice can be, unlike his The Candy Spooky Theater performances. If Spook Jack keeps this up with his new approach to a sinister and despairing night of horror, I'm all for it.


"ニヤ" (Niya) by Large House Satisfaction


There seem to be little to no fans of Large House Satisfaction here, so it's my job to make you start listening to them now, especially to those who like some new J-indie music. Large House Satisfaction is a three-piece band that have been around for over 10 years and play garage to classic rock music accompanied with harsh grating vocals. If you like Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The Birthday, or any of Chiba Yusuke's side projects you may be interested in them. Usually their music is upbeat and faster-paced, but once in a while they'll chug out a few slower-paced songs as well. "Niya", from their newest album Highway to Hellvalley, happens to be one of those slower songs, yet is still stirred up by their punching garage-y guitar riffs and thick bass lines. The vocalist goes all out, and even sounds like he's about to croak, but his harsh singing effectively renders this piece as truly endearing. You'll be singing 'darling darling' all night once you listen to this.


Guest Blurbs from @Ada Suilen


"蛙-Kawazu-" (Kawazu) by キズ (Kizu)


In the contemporary visual kei scene, it's incredibly hard to find something appealing and worthy of some attention. One of the few times I had such a feeling has been with the second single of the new band Kizu, where the lead track "蛙-Kawazu-"shows their unexpected and engaging style: a powerful melody driven by astonishing riffs, and intense vocals by the former singer of Lezard, who seems to have found his own maturity with this new band. I can surely consider Kizu as one of the most interesting rookies of the year.

"愚かしい竜の夢 " (Orokashii Yuu no Yume) by D
D has been one of my first visual bands, and they are nowadays one of my fixed listenings. When they came back from the hiatus, they redid one of their dearest themes and tried to experiment with something new, which I enjoyed but not so much as I thought I would. But I was sure that one day this band would have found their unique energy, and in their fifth mini-album, a limited release, they used what made them so popular for the visual fans. The title track is surely one of the best works in their career, featuring an incredible mix of languages (a la Rozova Dolina) and a clash of tempos, going from soft to powerful in a blink, with a great technique and sublime vocals. If you had lost hope in D, with this track you will surely find it again.

Thank you for reading everyone!

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On 11/3/2017 at 6:26 PM, Zeus said:

If you like Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The Birthday, or any of Chiba Yusuke's side projects you may be interested in them. 

Say no more, I'm interested. XD


I always thought Large House Satisfaction was a really polished-sounding pop-rock band or something (I guess I got them mixed up with Lacco Tower?), so this was a lovely surprise. Rough/raspy voices are a huge weakness for me, and yeah, those high notes are incredibly endearing. Will definitely check out some more of their stuff.

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All of the recommendations here were great, but for some reason LACK-CO's song still doesn't do anything for me.  I'll be giving umbrella and D more attention from now on since they were two bands I've been avoiding (and now I regret it lol). 

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LACK-CO., Mamireta and Spook Jack are my 3 faves out of the stuff I actually checked out myself this month (before checking this list, I mean).


Umbrella's song actually sounds really good as well! I remember liking most of the stuff I've heard by them, but I somehow never really followed them hardcore or anything.. This song hits that sweet spot of arty/dreamy midtempo rock that I'm all about. Actually, now that I think about it, the guitar lines kind of remind me of Lament.'s sound...


Large House Satisfaction already gets bonus points from me just for the name alone, I haven't even checked the actual song yet lol


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That new Large House Satisfaction song was pretty good, nice surprise indeed! I had been a fan of theirs for a while but the "Crazy Crazy" song they released back in 2015 was so bad that I thought they had sold their soul to the bland anime opening pop rock devil to try to please the masses or something. It didn't have the trademark rough vocals and the composition was too easy on the ears and generic as hell. I'm not even sure if they released any more tracks like Crazy Crazy but that song sort of traumatized me so I never bothered to even check out the album it was featured on but the fault is mine. Anyway, seems like they're back to the old sound now and I'm glad about that.

Edited by indigo

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yeaahhh lots of cool stuff this month! mamireta is officially my new favorite vk band, good stuff!

that lack-co track is pretty good. i haven't checked them properly ever since their formation so i better do that now!

i'm glad that more people are getting into umbrella, yay~~! ^^


@violetchainactually, they released a couple pop-sounding songs so maybe those were the ones you heard? but yeah, the mix of garage-y classic rock and rough vocals is true to their sound.


@Tokagei think you'll really enjoy large house satisfaction if you haven't listened to them yet! ^^


@indigosame for me too. well, i was never a huge fan tho until now because of those poppier songs i heard on youtube. there was a very poppy ballad iirc. and crazy crazy was god awful, i hope they don't do that again! their new song is a pleasant surprise indeed and i'm gonna keep a closer eye on them! i hope the album is just as good~

Edited by plastic_rainbow

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On 11/3/2017 at 6:26 PM, Zeus said:

“Ojamashimasu” is the intoxicating psycho fix that VK has been thirsting for.

Couldn't have said it better.

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