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Dir en grey

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I wonder if they also are gonna attack other precious accounts that share Dir stuff in HQ and very well organized, such as direngreyvideoz...


But hey, we can still share it through direct upload to any server, I guess.

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That's what actually bothers me the most: There are channels that do literally nothing but upload straight from the DVDs/Blu-rays.

I mean, I know my channel is technically as much in the wrong as those others. But at least I make an effort not to upload any officially released material.

Besides, in which year do they live when they think that material that was once uploaded to the internet (or streamed) can stay exclusive?

It's 2020, if you upload something that is important to someone, they'll grab it before you can take it down again. There's no such thing as "exclusivity" with such content.


So no idea why they'd go after me specifically. For now, I've made all my videos private and won't upload anything new until the strikes have expired.

Then I'll have to see where to go from there.


But of course, this ain't my whining thread, sorry for the OT^^


Edit: Now some rabbid fangirl reported my facebook account... what a strange day.

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