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3 hours ago, Seelentau said:

Yes, ten copies exist in total.


And yes, that entry was made by me^^

I've been hunting the LP for some time and finally figured out how to acquire the pictures :3

So you don't own the lp then? 

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On 11/17/2017 at 12:30 PM, Saishu said:

Not that it takes much effort to take pre-existing tracks and slap them on some CDs. The artwork on those releases were half-assed as well. 

I agree that it was poorly done.  I think they were supposed to be remastered but I didn't really notice a difference.

My job involves ordering things from print shops/manufacturers and you have to plan things a long time in advance.  It can take months to get the products made, if there isn't a long line ahead of you.  Then it takes time to get it out to retail stores...plan advertising etc.  I would say at least 4-6 months to be on the safe side, but I don't work for a record label so obviously that's just a somewhat educated guess.  (Though I've created and ordered printed products in under a month before - I guess it's possible.)

If I remember right I think they were doing those cardboard covers at the time - I hated those!  

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6 minutes ago, ghost said:

@SeelentauThanks! Ughhh I want that so bad.

Me too, but I'd need about ~250€ more to afford it, that's why I asked if anyone want a copy of my COWBOY WORLD or Yurameki promo tapes xD

Other than that, I don't have any means to get the money :/


By the way, so far I have discovered four different numbers:

00030, 00032, 00061 and 00092. But they're all in possession of other people already. Interestingly, the one on Rakuten has an unknown number, so yeah... wish I could ask the seller for a picture^^

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Yeah, I do so as well (my DSS is even signed by all band members), but the GAUZE, VULGAR and signed UROBOROS LPs are all limited (100/10/5) and were only given out in raffles, so they're like ten times the worth of a regular LP release^^

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11 hours ago, LIDL said:



I wonder if they have one for Kisou as well. I am gonna need that if it does. 🤩

As long as there's no special release like the Myaku LP or the -KAI- LPs, no Kisou LP should exist. But what does exist is a cassette promo tape of the album ^_^


10 hours ago, Saishu said:

Just found out there are physical copies of the 2011 version of Tsumi to Batsu that were only sold at lives. Very rare now. I want one. 

Yup, a red and a black one, the latter is very rare (and cost me 6.500 JPN ._.), since it was only sold at a single concert. You can check discogs for those (and a LOT more rare DEG stuff), added and supervised by yours truly :)

Edited by Seelentau

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