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[PICSPAM] マルコ (Marco) [HQ scans/artist photos/etc.]

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As I'm doing with my MERRY scans, I would like to preserve Marco's photos, whether they're artist photos, photosets, etc., especially since they're a smaller band. Being a more unknown group, they may "vanish" over time as their merch/special photos are especially rare, and the only thing left are low-quality pics uploaded by vk blogs who frankly don't give two shits about them. 


Like with MERRY, I made a tribute blog about Marco to preserve their pics and spread the word about them at the same time - sadly no one cared (it's Tumblr, not a real shocker anyway), so I was left with the choice to shut it down as it was starting to become a hassle as I ran two other blogs. Now, here I feel I can post their artist photos and my scan collection since they're slightly better known here. ^^ Just a warning tho, my scan collection is rather short, since their photosets are extremely hard to come by since they're limited to preorder bonuses and no one auctions them off or anything ;w; 









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I might as well go ahead & post my scans of one of Rei's former bands, JIVE. Found an old flyer & a new year's comment DVD for sale and......... I might get them too..........







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