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[PICSPAM] MERRY / メリー [HQ scans/artist photos/etc.]

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As a huge collector of MERRY goods and releases, (and an even bigger stan), I feel that it's my duty to preserve some pictures, whether it's old flyers, photosets, pamphlets, magazines, or even artist photos. MERRY has been active for well over 15 years (as of this writing), so it's no surprise that most of these can get lost to time. Because of this, I've taken the time to scan my own collection and maintain its high quality compared to what a casual fan is able to find online. Included in my collection are also magazines/pamphlets that are rare because they're limited to Japanese purchase or can only be accessed by their fanclub. You can thank this thread for inspiring me to display my scans here; I mainly upload my scans to my MERRY tumblr fanblog. 👈If you wish to know the source of some of these scans, you can find more info from there.


*And just in case you're wondering, feel free to use my scans in any positive way you wish. That's mainly what they're here for ^^ I don't understand those who are strict with their uploads and/or ruin their pics by watermarking them ;~; :angely:


**What I won't upload right away are album cover scans. I usually provide that with my downloads, or I upload them here on MERRY's WeLoveUCP page, but I will display them here later on.










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