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This is funny because dimlim is basically the one band MH agreed on since DEZERT and even the slightest indicator of them POSSIBLY going to shit is #triggering...

edm-gate is wild hahahaha truely paranoia (they are basically the last band remaining in post 2017 vk that is listenable so I don't blame yall)

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2 hours ago, saiko said:

Sure it's common, but something being "common" isn't necessarily and indicator of "goodness" for itself.

In my case, it never came as something "good" to me the insistence of bandoman on using cringe-worthy EDM curtains. And sure, that could be a good indicator of the bands composing skills, along with other stuff that may show the lack of inspiration, like the rising dependence on formula-stuff for the whole work (music, visuals, lyrics, live performance, etc.). So, yeah, we can agree on oneself actually waiting for the release to have an opinion, but... man, look at the sloppy EDM and horrible video editing those PVs have. At least the hair and make-up work are pretty gorgeous... I really hope that the reason behind this is actually low budget.

Btw, there are really few examples of actually well crafted and used EDM in the scene. 

I agree, its poorly made, what I mean "common" is that these S.E. doesn't indicate any musical direction change, it's just V kei cliche. Sorry for my broken English😝


It also not a good indicator of their composing skills, at least not fully. These two genre require some totally different skills, so even some of the talent composer in the scene fail to do it well.


It really show how little budget they are. I like vanitas PV the most, but compare to issei era's PV production value (Vanitas=white background+couch/Issei era pv=location shooting+studio shooting+actress), you can literary tell how much mitsu money issei is received.😂

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I get that all of you made the right choice and deleted the electronic cheodara intro from your playlists, but let's not pretend those edm tracks are worse than the average vk BGM fare


7 hours ago, deadman said:

(Vanitas=white background+couch/Issei era pv=location shooting+studio shooting+actress)

愛憎につき… video had two actors + they didn't look like clowns so their costume budget evidently got upgraded??

Edited by nekkichi

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On 4/24/2019 at 11:49 PM, deadman said:

Why do you guys make such a big deal about these common things? V kei bands love using these shitty EDM for S.E. for loooong time.

Even Dimlim have being used these kind of music for promo video for a while.


This one was really cool. I really wish they used this instead of the absolutely pointless SEs on Chedoara. 

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