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Hi everybody! :)


Doing another set sale, some various stuff - mostly on the rare and/or obscure side.

Sorry for the shitty phone pictures! 


Items ship out from Sweden.

Worldwide shipping is $7, regardless of order size (registered shipping is $17). Payment via PayPal.


Grading is record first, cover second.

G > VG > VG+ >  EX > NM


As always, please feel free to ask if you need more pictures or additional information :)








V/A - Grass Roots Party (CD, 1993) - $50 $30

Condition: NM/NM. Complete with (slightly oversized) obi.

Totally obscure and rare under-the-radar goth/metal/VK-compilation! First (and probably only) release on Da Vinci Records. 

Features early appearances of TATSUYA (7-seven-, NUDE, DOUGHTY, Whiteblack etc.) and JEANA of VOGUE/nuvɔ:gu.

Previously uploaded in full here: https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/47627-va-grass-roots-party-1993/?tab=comments#comment-560085




01. Uni;Sex - 廃人

02. Uni;Sex- Children

03. Distillery - Plaintive Grace

04. Distillery - Chaos Love

05. Junk Arts- Capsule Darkcity 199X

06. Junk Arts - Monster Mobile

07. Area - Disablement

08. Area - Knotty Maid

09. Du-Mode - 24 Hours Egoiste

10. Du-Mode - Mother

11. Bat Cave - Decide

12. Bat Cave - Love & Destroy










TELEPHONE:LOVERS - Romanticism (CD, 199?) - $25 $20


Condition: EX/NM. Complete with obi.


Ultra-obscure! Never heard of this before, looks privately released by the band.

No year of release stated, but I'm guessing this was released during the early to mid-90:s.

Thanks list include JUBILEE, ZEDEKIAH & UNI;SEX (see V/A - Grass Roots Party CD above).


Samples availiable here:











螺旋ウィルス (RASEN VIRUS) ‎– 真実のオモチャ箱 (CD, 1999) - SOLD


Condition: NM/NM. Complete with obi.


I don't think this one needs much introduction. Post-DESHABILLZ project in the wake of their bassist passing away.

Squaky clean copy complete with the transparent slipcase.








Ba-lra - 子供達の分裂 (3" CD, 1994) - SOLD


Condition: VG+/EX


These guys are "known" for their appearance on the Cosmic Fields compilation, but this is their virtually unknown solo single!

Three hard & fucked up tracks, 2nd track ("ROBOT") is the breadwinner IMO - slow, pulsating gothic madness.

Probably self-released (seeing as it is produced by the band themselves) or possibly via a studio (though neither VAN VAN V4 or Couch Case rings a bell).


Samples availiable here: 











V/A - Ayers - Real Airs of 2000 Years in Ayers (CD, 2000) - SOLD


Condition: NM/NM. Complete with obi.


Obscure early 00:s compilation! I think this was released to commemorate a livehouse called Ayers in Saitama.

Recorded at Studio Kararec and released on the Spirits label (same as the 99°C compilations).

Samples availiable here:











V/A - Tokyo Acid Punk (VHS, 1990) - $40 $30


Condition: EX/EX


Excellent live documentation of the early Japanese goth scene!

Sick performances by MOTHER GOOSE, EX-ANS, SCULLA, ROSEN KREUZ etc.! 




1. Mother Goose - Too Dance

2. Mother Goose - Xeno

3. Dip The Flag - Waiting For The Man

4. Ex-Ans - Abortion

5. Sculla - Longing

6. Rosen Kreuz - Twin Dead Voice

7. The Nirvana - Devil Dog

8. Neurotic Doll - Reveal -啓示-

9. いんど猫 (Indo Neko) - 水の中


Sample (please note: the sound on the actual VHS is much louder than on this clip) 









NOISY CROWDS - 水色の太陽 / サ・ン・ダ・ル (cassette, 1993) - $30 $25


Condition: EX/NM


Absolutely stunning song by NOISY CROWDS. 

One of their finest works, for some reason only released on this demo tape AFAIK.

Self-released by the band and tricky to track down.











ZELIACORT (cassette, 1996) - SOLD


Condition: EX/NM


Demo tape by ZELIACORT, released in 1996 to promote their CD.

Features a song not released on the CD ("Risky Up Knight"). 












CAM-FLAGE / GRIMM THE CAPSULE - split (cassette, 1992) - $25 $20


Condition: NM/NM. Complete with lyric sheet.


Rare cassette split with CAM-FLAGE & GRIMM THE CAPSULE.

CAM-FLAGE were featured on the "Cry Max Pleasure ~Break On Through To The Nuclear Bandits~" compilation, but their tracks on this tape are harder & less poppy.




And as last time, I've got some items which are not strictly visual kei but might be of some interest nevertheless :)






FUNHOUSE - Bloody Butterfly From Overdrive Cloudy Skyes (CD, 1991) - $15 $10


Very obscure early 90:s goth band, released on the ZIKS Records sublabel Bloody Butterfly.

Deep, dark, depressing sound! Yeah! :headbang:













藤森啓之助 & 筒井方也 - Darkness (CD, 1991) - $30 $25


Total mystery release! Self-released CD by these two unknown dudes. 

Lenghty instrumental synth songs; amateurish but somehow strangely compelling.


Balancing somewhere in the cracks between ambient and minimal synth, there's some game soundtrack vibes going on here as well, 

with some sort of vaguely creepy atmosphere permeating the whole thing.


Guessing this is home-recorded basement noodlings. One track starts with a round of applause, but it sounds so weird, I think they just overdubbed it, haha!


One & only copy I've ever come across!

I put this up over at Discogs for $50, but offering it here for bro price :D


Complete recording of this abomination availiable here:







And that's it! Get in touch via PM:s or just write in this thread if you're interesting in anything (or if you have questions etc).

Thanks for looking! :)


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I actually believe that "VAN VAN V4" was a live house in Kanazawa - I believe that Kuroageha, for an example, played there in 1994.


A question - does that version of "Get Down" by Grimm the Capsule on that split tape differ from the Cry-Max Pleasure omnibus version?

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