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An Cafe new single 「イケない妄想×アブない珍獣」

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An Cafe just announced the release of a new halloween themed single, here are the details:


2017.10.04 / 3 TYPES

Limited edition CD+DVD / ¥2,000

01. イケない妄想×アブない珍獣
02. イケない妄想×アブない珍獣 ~イケてるMIX~
03. イケない妄想×アブない珍獣 (カラオケ)
01.「イケない妄想×アブない珍獣」MUSIC VIDEO
02. Making of「イケない妄想×アブない珍獣」

Regular A / ¥1,000
01. イケない妄想×アブない珍獣
02. 天手古舞

Regular B / ¥1,000
01. イケない妄想×アブない珍獣
02. バルーンガール

They also announced a new tour: 

LIVE CAFE TOUR'17「Antic Halloween Party~イケない妄想×アブない珍獣~」
10/06 - Nagoya SPADEBOX
10/09 - Osaka ROCKTOWN
10/14 - Shinjuku ReNY

LIVE CAFE TOUR'17「Antic Halloween Party~イケない仮装大会~」
10/15 - Shinjuku ReNY

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lmao they all look completely dead behind the eyes (aside for bb teruki)


this is the worst piece of shit song I've heard over this year (and I listened to three most recent brittany sparse albums recently to put this into perspective)



what is holding you off from a disband come christmas gaiz

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I feel they need to take a break again. Venture out and do something dofferent for a bit, or at least take their time writing material. 


I love them but this song is just passable

(but i wish they'd ask bou to rejoin and become a 6member band haha)


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