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Hello! I hope I am posting this is the right thread, I apologize if not.


Chaotic Harmony is starting a new video series where people can get to know the bands better!

Our first video in the series will feature DatuRΛ!


To participate, just send in questions in English in reply to this pos, DM on social media, or e-mail them to info@chaotic-harmony.net!

We can't guarantee that the band will be able to answer all of the questions they receive. It may take a few weeks for the band to record the video and our staff to subtitle it, so we greatly appreciate your patience! We'll post the video to our YouTube channel once it's ready to go.


We plan to do these videos regularly, so we hope to be able to feature some of your favorite artists, or help you get to know some new ones!

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22308612_1900986516896122_1338190344407098771_n.jpg?oh=8f2666f05e876d2a9200e817c1760654&oe=5A425E8E 22256750_1900986493562791_9122948739705615316_o.jpg?oh=e6aaa73c88968d9fcc5fbe660f700c9e&oe=5A801739


Next, you have the opportunity to get to know guitarist Lin by sending in questions from 10/9 - 10/16! There's also a chance to win a CD from Lilith!


Lin was the guitarist of the Chinese visual kei band Lilith, and is now in Japanese band Affective Synergy. He's an incredibly talented guitarist, with experience performing in both Japan and China. In November, Affective Synergy will be on tour in Taipei, Taiwan and Shanghai, China with RAZOR.


The rules are the same!
- Send in a question you'd like the artist to answer in reply to this post, DM, or an e-mail to info@chaotic-harmony.net by the end of Monday, October 16, 2017.
- Please submit your question in English!
- We cannot guarantee that the artist will be able to answer all questions.
- Please be patient as it may take a few weeks for the artist to record the video and for us to subtitle it.


Giveaway Rules:
- Each person who submits questions will be entered to win a copy of Lilith's single "Rebirth -Guilai-".
- Limit one entry per person.
- The winner will be contacted via their question submission method (Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.) and will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner will be selected.
- Entrants that are under the age of 18 agree that they have parental permission with their participation.
- The winner will be selected at random, regardless of their location or country of residency.


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