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【ビルゲイツ // birugeitsu】





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2001 - 

Shoegaze / Post-Rock / (Ambient Indie)


Tamura Shota (vocals, guitar)

Sayama Shinobu (guitar), Kabayashi Hajime (bass), Takahashi Koji (drums)





(Mini-) Albums

2003 - チルコ

2004 - 無人テレビの設計図

2004 - Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack

2005 - マイナスの世代による瞬間のドキュメント

2008 - Blgtz

2011 - 同時に消える一日



2003 - アタシはキレイな水滴のfilm ウフフ

2005 - コントロール

2011 - ソネット








A couple of years ago I was browsing YouTube for blgtz videos and a comment under one of them described the vocalist as a 'lost soul'. Every time I listen to them, I think of that description and how perfectly it fits Tamura's vocal style. Especially on the first couple of releases, he usually dances among the tranquil, dreamy, playful and at times chaotic instrumentation like a ghost light just to fade away moments later and reappear in an outburst of shrill, sometimes desperate, sometimes angry energy.


It is this particular emotive dynamic, coupled with Tamura’s unique voice which – in my eyes – makes blgtz stand out and shine.


What are your opinions on them? Are there any listeners among us?

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The 2011 album is pretty great, but I admit I haven't gone back and listened to the others ones. I should eventually, though.


Which release is your favorite?

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I guess I'm pretty much into anything before their 2011 album. For some reason it did not resonate with me the way マイナスの世代による瞬間のドキュメント or the releases before that did. It certainly felt more polished than anything else they put out but that was sort of the problem for me. I like blgtz rough and shrieky :] 

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