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How are there so many threads for indiefag bands but none for PLC? 


Ain't nobody doin VK like this anymore,  y'all.




So yesterday they revealed these new Doppelganger revival costumes and gya are losing their shit at how ridiculous they are this time. :wan-01:  I included the older version on the left for reference.


PLC Members -  Previous Concept → Current Concept

Vocal: DAISHI (D) - Cri'n Hunt Revolution → Animal Crusher

Guitar: Lida  - Heaven's Wings → Space Fire

Dance/Guitar: AYA  - Alice → Pink Fighter

Bass: seek - Ura-Ashitaka → Kajiki Poseidon (Marlin Poseidon)

Dance/Vocal/Drums: Yura-sama - Purple Prince → Purple Perseus


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For anyone new to PLC or the PLC fandom/PLC lives in Japan, here's some general info about the band which you may find helpful. :)


PLC/Psycho le Cemu (Pronounced "Saiko-ru-Sheimu", and shortened to Saiko by fans/gya) is a five-member band from Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. They formed in 1999 and it wasn't long before they gained popularity in the post-90s VK scene, landing them a major label contract and debut in 2003. Then, in 2005, Daishi was arrested and charged for using meth, and then the band soon went on hiatus. Unfortunately Daishi's arrest burned the band's dreams of playing Budokan, but unable to let this dream go, the members decided to reunite following their 15th anniversary in the hopes of still playing there some day.


Each member has a color and distinct character, and both are represented through costume and story concepts for each release.


Daishi (Blue) - The hero

AYA (Pink) - The girl

seek (Green) - The monster

YURA-sama (Yellow) - Warrior or mystic (Often depicted as being rich, noble, or egotistical)

Lida (Orange) - Sidekick or whatever is left over


You can find a general catalogue of their story and character concepts for each release here, almost up until their hiatus in 2005. (in Japanese) They reformed briefly in 2006 to perform a tour for the release of their Epilogue album, and then continued their hiatus status until 2009 when they toured to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Following another hiatus after that, they got back together for a 15th anniversary performance in 2015, before officially resuming activities that following September.


For the most part, their lives consist of playing their music before, between, and after skits or plays of each their story concepts. They also MC and tell jokes, often pointing fun at Lida, Yura-sama's big nose, or their (female) fans. Fans wear glow bracelets in their favorite member color(s). In the past, fans would also carry glow sticks in these same colors, but recently less fans are carrying them or have replaced them with light-up rings. Most of their songs have corresponding furitsuke, and new fans might find much of this furi difficult/overwhelming at first.


As far as stage positioning goes, despite being the leader and lead guitar, Lida takes the shimote position (audience left) while second guitar AYA takes the kamite position (audience right)


If you follow the fandom online, you'll notice that many fans and gya refer to the band/members as Saiko Yarou (サイコ野郎) or Saiko (最古). The latter is a pun meaning "super old", seeing as both Lida and Daishi are already over 40. Each member also has their own nickname(s) online.


Daishi - D

Lida - リダ or リーダー (Leader)

AYA - アヤ or 彩 (AYA used to write his name with this character during their early career)

seek -シーク or  飼育 (a phonetic reading of the Japanese word "shiiku", meaning "breeding")

YURA-sama - 鼻様 (Hana-sama, or Nose-sama, because of his larger nose)

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3 hours ago, InunahX said:


Yea, thast quite unfortunately, i must say i never really tried all of their music,  but from what i have heard they interest me quite abit.

Might check them out more later today.


You should!


If you like their harder music, there are a lot of gems on Epilogue like "LOVE IS DEAD" and "Liberty, babies". Also semi-hard songs like "NOSFERATU" from Epilogue and "Matenrou Chaos" off their latest album.


Since they're reviving their Doppelganger concept this summer, many of their fans are hoping they play all of their harder songs off the Doppelganger album at some point during the tour. (And hopefully we'll get a DVD D:)

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Highlights of the 8/11 Fukuoka live:


- They played a new song "Mousou Graffiti"

- First half they came out in PLC Gakuen costumes and the whole session had a school/classroom theme.

- Instead of the usual skit, they played a video while the members were changing into Doppelganger costumes. In the video Lida and Daishi are recruited into the student council, but need training to control their Doppelgangers. While AYA mostly uses this time to get romantically involved with Daishi, Lida is subject to strict training and "bullying" from Yura-sama and seek.

- At the end of the video and during the live, some bad guys appear and PLC have to chase them to the final showdown at their tour final in Toyosu Pit.

- Although they played more newer stuff than songs off of Doppelganger, they did play "Planet Last Children" (with furi- super rare), "Justice" (rare), "Area", "Murder", and "Last Emotion". Hopefully they'll play other songs off the album at the other dates.

- Fukuoka's special "lucky item" was the black/pink bracelet.


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