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[Band Battle] JILUKA vs. FIXER 2: Libra vs. Xenomorphic

JILUKA vs. FIXER Libra vs. Xenomorphic  

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  1. 1. Who and/or which mini

    • JILUKA
    • FIXER
    • Libra
    • Xeomorphic

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So I have previously had this discussion with "JILUKA" winning beating "FIXER" by 72% of the votes. So with their new mini-albums released last month I thought this would be a good time to re-open this discussion. So this one can be view two different ways  either you can judge weather "JILUKA" is still better than "FIXER" or you simply judge the mini-albums only. I'll set up the poll so you can't vote for the minis and the bands themselves or just the bands if you prefer.


Oh and unrelated but they toured together recently as well which is pretty awesome :tw_astonished:









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As I follow both bands and I have listened to the two mini-albums, I want to tell my opinion in few words...


Xenomorphic confirms once again how strong and virtuous can be Jiluka's sound since their return on 2014, with blasting riffs and energetic breakdowns, but compared to works like B.A.L.U.S. (my favourite release of theirs) there has been a sort of vocal idleness, as Ricko has been capable of better interpretations of the ones heard here.


Libra has been a real surprise for me, as I didn't like Fixer at all until they didn't join Starwave Records, with a decent album and a remarkable single, where this mini-album is a great example of maturation for them, where Jey's vocals and the complexity of some songs are the strongest point.


So for me is Fixer - Libra.

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today i finally was able to listen to JILUKA's Xenomorphic and its a NO-BRAINER that JILUKA is way better!! ;D

heavier and way more technical....


although i loved Fixer in the beginning since they joined this label they suck... >.>''

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I love fixer but to be honest with you. The Libra mini album for me fell short compared to there previous releases of Fixer. Jiluka is very consistent when it comes to releases i feel and is a amazing band. Fixers label is okayish but idk if its just me or did anyone notice a slight change vo. Jey's voice/screams on this album?

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