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Hi all. I was looking for "Black file" Xibalba album and I came here.

I am mourning Morrigan too, but Aryu san just opened his first Twitter account a couple of days ago, he is performing with Nihit in Russia and said there is a chance band to be resurrected.


It's pretty brave of him to play out of Japan, artists with years of experience like Hyde hardly play somewhere else than Asia and USA for years, and Russia is a big deal.

What I noticed was that he is keep posting old stuff, he surely miss the good old days. I have no idea what happened to make them split, but Aryu still have picture of him and Setsuna on his laptop, and at 28th he uploaded photo of their last concert.

Which makes me think... Where is Kuloe? Not a sign from him. Pitty willingly left, but Kuloe was in the band till the end. He was the one who always made them laugh and stuff, they were friends since childhood... At least I want to be sure all of them are healthy and doing fine.


I can't call Morrigan the most popular band of Japan, but for me their music have personal meaning. Even now I am doing artwork, street art, uploading their old stuff, created fan page and etc... I really hope "we will see them again one day", as the nameless song from XISS says. They are too young and tallented to quit now.

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