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Wing Works REVIVAL!!

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RYO:SUKE has announced on his Twitter account that Wing Works will revival on 30/7/2017 at Takadanobaba AREA.


The surprise not end, he do "TWO" live in One-day (in the same place but in different times) :


【前編-ADAM-] OPEN 16:00 / START 16:30


【後編-EVE-】 OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00


Members : 

Guitar : Kei Hirosue

Guitar : Toshi (Ex-Aldebaran)

Bass : Yuchi (sukekyo / KANNIVALISM)

Drums : Sho (Ex-UnsraW -> I Promised Once)



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38 minutes ago, atsudahiru said:

SOSHHI WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT ???????????????????????

It's probably misspelled.
Look at the accounts that are linked to RYO:SUKE's Tweet.
It's TOSHI, not SOSHI. They both were in ALDEBARAN, and have similiar names.
And Toshi was their guitarist.

I was happy too fast ;__;

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Sorry guys!! 😫 Is Toshi not Soshi 😞


20 hours ago, IGM_Oficial said:

A revival, as if Wing works had ended...


15 hours ago, Gaz said:

didn't know they were disbanded :o  


17 hours ago, XEL_PERPLEXITY said:

I was gonna say...I don't remember them disbanding or anything? :x

Guys in the RYO:SUKE's tweet he say "restart activities" and i think that he is serious now.. Probably he after this live don't do one live every 2-3 months but more often! ;)

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