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SuG new EP "AGAKU" + Budokan overseas sale

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SuG are releasing their new EP in preparation for their upcoming live at Nippon Budokan.


AGAKU / 2017.07.05

SE. mark


M2. 赤春




With their greatest challenge – a 10 year anniversary live performance at the "Nippon Budokan" – ahead, their new EP that have 3 songs "AGAKU"will be on sale from July.

Furthermore, July 5th is the start of their "AGAKU" tour – a series of 8 shows in Japan, which will help set the stage for their concert at the Nippon Budokan!

SuG's new song, "AGAKU" (struggle) expresses their strong feelings toward the greatest challenge in their band history, a live performance at the Nippon Budokan.
In contrast to the strong and coarse lyrics, the arrangements are SuG-like catchy dance rock tunes, influenced by Hip-Hop and EDM.

Covers : 



They'll go on tour to support the EP. The dates are as follow:
7月5日(水) 東京 渋谷WWW X
7月7日(金) 静岡 浜松FORCE
7月8日(土) 兵庫 神戸VARIT.
7月14日(金) 石川 金沢vanvan V4
7月21日(金) 埼玉 HEAVEN'S ROCK さいたま新都心VJ-3
7月22日(土) 福島 郡山CLUB#9

7月28日(金) 福岡 福岡DRUM Be-1
7月29日(土) 広島 広島Cave-Be

Overseas fans can now also purchase tickets to their Nippon Budokan show on september 2nd! You can purchase yours HERE ! ★

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