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Easy V-kei/j-rock songs to cover? (guitar)

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I recommend getting this game if possible  youd also need a cable called realtone cable that plugs into your pc

games in ps3, xbox, pc but theres more songs on pc than any other version

you can find bundles for game and cable on amazon 


I use it and i can honestly say ive learned a lot from it you can learn a ton of songs

(usually you have to pay for them but theres method to install any song without paying)


Heres one song im in the works of learning vid is actual "gameplay" (not me lol) 


The game also works for bass 


Its like guitar hero but with actual notes 



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On 18.3.2017 at 2:26 AM, For my dears said:

Old L'arc en ciel. Or maybe some Luna Sea, their songs aren't that hard.


Allow me to address your mentions there and ask the OP: @yuki_avk, do you intend to play these j-rock/v-kei songs exactly as they were intended to (i.e. tab book renditions), or are you merely looking into some sort of picture like what kind of scale, playing style you could improvise etc. (i.e. "personal rendition", most j-rock cover acts usually resort to such tactic). Based on scales and playing styles alone, LS and L'arc are not that hard if you are somewhat knowledgeable about basic, simple major scales and you don't really fancy random all-over-the-place renditions. However, back catalogue of both acts have "enriched" chordings and questionable cross-track meddling (because 1 or 2 guitars aren't enough) - so if you don't want to get yourself immersed in realizing e.g how major 7s, dims and other questionable chord combinations work, don't stick to L'Arc nor any Sugizo-approved LS work between 1991 and 1996.


Easiest songs that I would classify under "simplest renditions":


Taion by Gazette (as noted, PLUS one of the easiest j-rock solos)

304 Goushitsu... by Dir en grey (Die's electric guitar doodle might be the hardest part but it's possible to memorize)

ROMANCE by BUCK-TICK (they have a lot more no-frills songcraft than that)

That Owari song by Girugamesh (play that, and you will be able to master most v-kei alt. metal tracks)



TL;DR: play songs where you are able to catch almost every familiar, "basic" chord - so basically not-so-modified power chords, simple major/minor chords, no dissonant dim chords, no multitracked/abridged chordings etc. etc. Maybe you get the theory, maybe not but remember - easiest songs come with textbook patterns, not with impros written in a wacky drug haze :)



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Accoustic version of Last Word by RENTRER EN SOI ; it was the very first melody i learned on guitar ! You can find it on songsterr too !

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