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Best growl in Visual Kei

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I just realized there's already a thread on best growling vocals (this one), so I've merged the "favorite japanese growler" thread with this one.


*yall can say its kyo now ;)*

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I really liked MoNoLith's Ryu. While he's not the "best", I really liked the uniqueness in how the growls were implemented their songs (jump to 1:41 for another good moment.) When I first listened to the band, I thought Ryu was the Cookie Monster on steroids, but after listening to their music for a while, I realized how well it worked. 



oh... and Kyo

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I still think he's the best so far and could have done so much more. Im a sucker for deep growls and he has the deepest still😥. Some other honorable mentions.:lright: Skip to 2:41


Signal reaaally good definitly a close 1st place in my book





NCBL is always good too just after a while i stop because of how powerful his screams tend to be 






Just yea


Just adding this too: Mejibray. Tzk can go pretty deep but he doesn't do it that often overall decent screams hes got









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