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[Lyrics] Crazy★shampoo - LOVE SONG (translation)

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As a small Valentine's treat I decided to translate this LOVE SONG by Crazy★shampoo~

I first found the kanji lyrics from a youtube video and didn't realize until after I translated it that there was already a translation posted on jpopasia, oh wellz.......This is my interpretation.



Lyrics: Yoshiatsu

Music: Crazy★shampoo

Kanji/romaji: jpopasia



I will sing the song of love.

The world seen from this wing[1] is much too ugly
I searched for the truth, in this building wet in the rain
This dark room, full of lies, here and now
Will my song reach you?

With just one or two, we fell apart
This dark room, full of lies, this voice
Ahh, will no longer reach you

But I will sing the song of love.

Your tears have still not stained this place yet...
So don't be afraid
Now matter how cold the night is
I will be by your side
[1] Wing (of a building), not wings of feathers.

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