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yuuzhea ikubaru

versailles - 10th anniversary announcement!!!

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versailles will celebrate of 10th anniversary with severals announcement!!!!!


1. FC " descendant of the rose " will opened


2. Versailles 10th Anniversary Tour -Japan-
2017年11月11日(土) - 柏PALOOZA
2017年11月17日(金) - 新横浜NEW SIDE BEACH!!
2017年11月25日(土) - 名古屋Electric Lady Land
2017年11月26日(日) - ESAKA MUSE
2017年11月28日(火) - 福岡 DRUM Be-1
Versailles 10th Anniversary Tour -Grand Finale-
2017年12月3日(日) - 札幌cube garden
Versailles 10th Anniversary Tour -Grand Finale-
2017年12月17日(日) - Zepp Tokyo


3. Versailles 10th Anniversary World Tour


4. Versailles 10th Anniversary Ceremony 2Days
Versailles 10th Anniversary Ceremony
2017年6月23日(金) - 豊洲PIT
Versailles 10th Anniversary – FC Memorial-
2017年6月24日(土) - 目黒鹿鳴館


" our clan's blood will non stop forever "



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1 hour ago, ShanethVarosa said:

I swear to everything that is holy if this is another world tour without the states I'm gonna lose it.


With tour dates in Toronto, Havana, and Ciudad Juarez so they're always just outside the US.

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On 14 February, 2017 at 10:25 PM, Komorebi said:

I'm surprised they didn't have a fanclub yet.

more like they haven't "revive" their Versailles fan club yet (There's one before the last live 2012). think they are focusing on their individual fan club members

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【First Edition】Advance sale at the venue・HMV exclusive

Release Date: June 28, 2017


 Advance sales'  dates begin at Versailles 10th Anniversary on  23/24th of June and Premium event to be held on June 25 (to be announce). 


Price:¥11,000 (tax included)

Contents 3 DVDs and 20 pages of booklet


[DISC 1]
「Chateau de Versailles」- Nippon Budokan 


[DISC 2]
「Chateau de Versailles」- Maihama Amphitheater performance


[DISC 3]
*Bonus EUROPE TOUR 2017 "Renaissance” DIGEST MOVIE

*Sneak peak into Nippon Budokan Rehearsal!!


【Regular Edition】

Price:6,430Yen (tax inc)
Contents:2 DVDs


[DISC 1]
「Chateau de Versailles」
The whole performance of Nippon Budokan
※The regular edition will have  members' commentary with "subtitles or subbed audio???"


[DISC 2]
Nippon Budokan bonus 1 day report!!



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