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[REVIEW] MIZTAVLA 'Adramelech'

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This is my first review guys, so I hope I do a good job of it! >~<



Everything stated in this review is solely my own opinion, if you'd like me to review more things I'd like to, but I'd appreciate feedback before I write more, enjoy!

So, MIZTAVLA are a new band, they came on to the scene around mid-late 2016. MIZTAVLA consists of:
Riuki (Vocals)
Hiryu (Guitar)
Kou (Guitar)
Yuri (Bass)
Fumiya (Drums)


Their 1st mini album consists of 5 tracks:
01. 「Untitled」
02. 絶望宣言 (Zetsubou sengen)
03. Psycho Creature
04. 黒と赤 (Kuro to aka)
05. 喪失の雨 (Soushitsu no ame)


So without further ado, let's begin this review! I'll try keep entries per song relatively short and digestible so it's not a tl;dr situation.



This track is an SE, it's pretty good, I don't have much thought on it as it's an SE, but I seem to remember it fitting with the next track.


絶望宣言 (Zetsubou sengen)

This song definitely has the opening track feel to it, it's relatively fast paced and full of energy. To me, it feels like a mixture of the songs [DIS] and The $ocial Riot Machine$ by 'The Gazette', the similarity was apparent to me upon the first listen. It's as if it takes the thrashy sections of [DIS] and has the same style chorus as The $ocial Riot Machine$, whether it's a coincidence or not I don't know, and I hope that there is no plagiarism here because I do like this song, however, the song itself doesn't feel like something fresh. 


Psycho Creature

'Psycho Creature' was a really good listen for me, I really enjoyed it. I'm not usually a fan of songs that implement electronic aspects, but I feel this song pulls it off well, it really adds to the energy. Add this to the insanely catchy chorus which gets stuck in my head for days upon listening to the song. To top off this song I must say that Riuki has some amazing vocal talent, showing his ability to scream and sing, I was impressed by the energy present in his vocals. This song was one of the best on the mini album in my opinion.


黒と赤 (Kuro to aka)

Kuro to aka is that song that shows the listener that they aren't just capable of one genre, Kuro to aka is the jazzy song of the album, and shows off Yuri's bass skills and Fumiya's drum skills. I really enjoy the bass and drums in this song, they stand out to me as the bass is really energetic and I'm partial to jazzy drums. This song is also the first on the album that doesn't feature Riuki screaming, and I must say Riuki has a very impressive vocal range,  judging from other songs on the album Riuki can go from really deep to really high. Kuro to aka, like the previous songs are bursting with energy, and you can't get tired of them because of this. It's not the best song on the album, but I still enjoyed it nevertheless.


喪失の雨 (Soushitsu no ame)

"Wow" is all I can say about this song, I love this song and I believe it makes the mini album, literally what a finisher! It's a ballad track, and starts off really quiet, Hiryu and Kou play minimal guitar from the beginning of this track, but as it progresses they get louder and have that ballady feel, particularly in the solo, the solo is very impressive, and the song further boasts Riuki's vocal range. As far as ballads go, this is one of my favourite ballads I have ever listened to, I'm not too fond of ballads, but this just did it for me, it was stunning.


Overall, I give 'Adramelech' :4.0:


This is VERY good as far as debut's go imo, I think MIZTAVLA have potential to go places, let's just hope they don't get hit by the disbandment train like many bands did in 2016.










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