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One of my resolutions this year was to start posting my work online and I thought I'd start in MH since I feel more comfortable here, also I haven't drawn for fun in a long time so I hope that I will start drawing more if I force myself to post it somewhere...

I'm almost done with my degree in 3D Games Art so I'll be posting some of my work for that here, since I don't have time to draw much else. It takes up most of my life so I can't wait to be done with it. 


Disclaimers: I still suck at digital painting. I still suck at 3D modelling. But I'd love to get any kind of feedback on the stuff I post here!





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Some background info on what I'm working on for my final project. 

Everything is still not textured :shock:  but I'm working on it 





This is an interactive environment that aims to tell a story. So basically you'll be able to click on stuff and some text will come up that gives some information, I hope people will be able to come up with their own conclusions about the characters and their story.

So... about the characters. The one who lives in this house is Sappho.

She's a witch who  moved away from the swamps because they were getting too popular as a place to live and were getting overcrowded with witches. So she found a piece of land in the middle of the ocean and built her little hut there.

She also has a selkie girlfriend (long story). 

Sappho also makes healing soaps that she trades with the villagers nearby.


For whoever wants to actually read the more detailed version of the  story, I'll include it here >



“ Sappho lived in a swamp for years.

Due to various factors, swamps became more and more popular as living spaces for witches and were no longer a peaceful place to live. The overcrowding became an issue , the sky was chaotic and the nights were loud.

Longing for peace and quiet and a bit of fresh air, Sappho found a piece of land in the middle of the ocean and built her own place there. It was shabby, but peaceful.


With time Sappho set up business with the nearby village by making soaps with magical properties that would heal the ailments of the villagers. She worked during the days and at night reconnected with nature by meditating outside near the ocean.


A sea creature watched her from the water every night. After a while the witch noticed but made no contact. The creature developed an obsession and got bolder, shedding her skin and leaving it on the rocks to get closer.

One night the witch took the selkie’s seal skin, forcing the creature to keep her human form and unable to return to her people. The two developed a relationship from there. Whether the selkie’s intention was exactly this or not, the two are inseparable now.

Sappho cast a spell on the selkie to give her a tail and make her able to swim like before but she never goes far despite the freedom given to her.”





- Witch's Beach Hut - 


Some concepts. I went with the one on the top right, but modified it a little.










Some assets from the house







[they're not supposed to be so shiny ;_; ]









Sappho (The witch)













Sappho's selkie girlfriend









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That project is finally finished. It was hell putting it together in Unreal Engine 4 and it's not my best work at all, but I'm happy that I managed to complete it and the outcome isn't as bad as it could've been. I'll be working on it as a personal project now in my spare time. 


















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9 hours ago, xtreme1 said:

Very cool. Recommendations on where to start to get into something like this?


If you want to get into 3D modelling I'd recommend looking into Blender, which is a free 3D Modelling software and there's many tutorials on youtube.

If you want to use game engines, UE4 is free to use and there's thousands of beginners tutorials on youtube and on their own website.

If you're looking into texturing, Photoshop is what I used to texture my assets, but there are more modern methods like the (recently turned Free) Substance Painter, again, tons of tutorials on youtube and you can download it from Steam or from their own website.


It's a really broad subject, so if you have any more specific questions let me know.

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heeeey cool stuff!! where did you study 3D game art, if you don't mind me asking? i've been thinking a lot about studying game art/design and am planning to attend an art university next year~ i already have a place in mind but just wanna know where you went. ^^

anyway, these look really great! have you been continuing any of these recently? i'd love to see more!

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love your water color works! i've always wanted to try my hand at them. well, the last time i used that medium was high school or something haha.

i like how you arranged the piece in the first photo. the lighting also gives it a warmer look~ ^^

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